2012 Lolita in Review

Here is my 2012 Lolita in Review!  My best and favorite coordinates from this year and little blurbs about them.  I thought this would be a good start to this blog to catch you up on where I’ve been and 2013 begins.


The first couple month of 2012 were some of my favorite coordinates and dresses.  I would consider Chocolate Covered Cupcakes (as I affectionately named the dress) to be my best design yet.  I love the polka dots an the mixing of pattern.  I was also able to use my new Usakumya bunny-bear bag!  We went ice skating for this meet-up and it was so much fun!  The second coordinate was the definition of “Beauty is Pain” as those gold-glitter-stilletos had 6″ heels and not good for walking around a muesum.  Needless to say, I also fell while running in these shoes.  They now sit comfortable on my shelf for looks only.  For the Valentines day meet-up I got to wear a really fun JSK/Overdress coordinate made from fabrics bought for me by my wonderful-now-fiance!  This was one of those items that turned out better than I thought it would and I love wearing these pieces.


Flash forward to May 2012 – ANIMAZEMENT!  So much fun with lot of time helping out friends in Artist Alley and hanging out with my Lolita community.  I really adore the first coordinate – Patriatte – , which was 3 newly handmade pieces, that caused SOOO much pain but I leaned a lot and they turned out so well.  There are a lot of little details and effort into this whole coordinate.  I don’t have a lot of opportunities to where the vest and skirt together, but I love finding chances to wear the pieces separately.     The second features one of my all-time favorite items: the Heartequin High-Waisted Skirt!  I had ordered socks to wear with this coordinate, but unfortunately they got lost in the mail!  Thankfully, MakeLovely lent me these amazing OTK socks!  They were the perfect addition to make this coordinate amazing and it was SOOOO much fun to wear!

I also wore Chocolate Covered Cupcakes on the last day, accenting it with mint and a parasol.


Another new adventure in 2012 was wigs (pictured above is Light Blonge Classic Wavy from GLW)!  I also had a lot of fun going to see Dark Knight Rises, which is the occasion of the first coordinate.  Haha it goes without saying that I was equally excited about the movie, my socks, the wig and Harley Quinn as my inspiration.  I got to wear it again to a super fun meet-up filled with Korean nom noms and karaoke!  This coordinate was also featured as a GLW Customer Coordinate which pretty much rocked my world.

reynolda aristocracyIMG_19752

Getting further into fall, I made another high-waisted skirt – which I love – for a meet-up that I hosted where we went to a beautiful museum and garden, with LOTS of food.  This lovely picture is thanks to James/Sema ❤  I really love this coordinate, as it was one of my first totally Classic coordinates.  Looking back, I really branched out of sweet Lolita into other styles which was very exciting.  I also made my birthday dress – BIRHTDAY DRESS! – which I was very excited about.  This dress took up the majority of my semester along with the underskirt and ALL OF THE DETAILS!  Lace and shirring and ribbon and times!  I love this dress but I o want to go back and take some of the fullness out of the skirt so that it pulls up more in the front.


Rounding off 2012, I really had some fun with my coordinates.  Halloween was a BLAST as I had a chance to pull out some crazy Alice Lolita and my wig.  I LOVE this coordinate, it was so much fun!  I also made a new simple black skirt which has been very useful to have to I loved being about to dress up with my Great-Aunt-Elma’s vintage hats!  Closing off the year with Christmas, I made a super exciting Christmas Dress inspired by Charles Dickens style Victorian Christmas carollers.  I LOVE this dress, and it is suprisely not that troublesome to travel via airplane in Lolita.  Though they did have to give me a petticoat-pat-down because the person-scanner couldn’t scan through them hahhaa

And to close it off, just a couple of my random coordinates throughout the year in classic “mirror shot” styling…


Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings!  What do you think your best Lolita moments were?  I’d love to see more 2012 Lolitas in Review!

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