Brand New

Yes, I can be quite punny.

I got my first brand dress for Christmas!  Baby the Star Shines Bright’s Alice and her Black Cat JSK II.  This has been one of my dream dresses for years and I was so happy to be able to receive it!  It is secondhand and in AMAZING condition, considering it was released in 2008 (over 4 years ago!)  The seller included a cute little note as well, which made me feel more special.


You will never believe the detail and amazing quality of both the design and materials of brand until you own one!  So soft and pristine!

Sometimes, I feel like there is a sense of air about handmade Lolitas that says “since my wardrobe is custom made, custom designed, it is more special” or that “I don’t need to waste money to buy brand because I can make something just as good!”  And I think that is the root of any special snowflake.  The thought that someone is made more special not because of who they are or how they use what they have, but they are special because of what they have.

I have always dreamed of owning brand, but made all of my clothing because I could not afford it.  I am blessed that I have a skill set to be able to design and sew decent pieces that I love to wear and I feel like a real Lolita when I am wearing them.  I have that same special feeling, wearing this brand dress now.  I appreciate the hands that made this dress as much as any handmade dress.  The same amount of attention went into the design, the details, the construction, the print as when I make something on my own.

So handmade Lolitas, don’t be special snowflakes because you sew!  Every Lolita is beautiful no matter where her wardrobe came from.  What makes a Lolita special is how she uses her wardrobe and how she treats others. ❤


JSK: BtSSB, Alice and her Black Cat JSK 2
Boots: Bodyline
Cardigan: Kohl’s
Tights: Forever21
Accessories: Forever21


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