Where Art Thou, Inspiration?

Yesterday was my second day of classes for my last semester in college.  w00t!  It was tailoring class and we were patterning our suit jackets.  I’m making a plaid sack coat for my dad!  Anyways, while in class I had the sudden urge of *GASP* “I need to sew Lolita right now.”  I got back to my apartment and I still wanted to sew but my sewing machine hadn’t been unpacked yet and I had no idea what to make.  The first problem was easy.  But I still haven’t unpacked my sewing machine.

But the question of WHAT TO MAKE?!!?! can be daunting.  There are three key places I go when I want to sew to figure out what exactly to sew:

First, my closet!  When I first started sewing Lolita, I would just make whatever I felt inspired to make while staring at what I thought were super sweet fabrics at JoAnn’s.  I ended up with a lot of pink skirts and dresses that were not easy to coordinate.  So now, I look in my closet and ask the question “what is it missing?”  I have quite a few skirts in a range of colors and styles, so I don’t think I NEEED skirts right now.  I also have quite a few JSKs, but they are mainly sweet inspired.  I also have a good number of varied blouses, but only one black blouse.  From that, I get part one of my answer:
WHAT TO MAKE? 1. Dark blouses and Classic or Gothic inspired JSKs.

Okay.  Now I have some place to start.  But a couple vague phrases don’t give me an entire design.  So next, I hop on my computer and open up my giant folder of everything Lolita:

Whenever I am browsing tumblr, commsales, blogs and I see something Lolita, I SAVE IT…and sometimes I pin it on my pinterest if I feel so inclined.  I have all of these saved images organized into folders.  Folders for skirts, dresses, blouses, accessories, details, etc.  I also have folders mixed in there with my items and pictures.  I also have a folder for NEXT BEST THINGS where I put the stuff I REALLY want to make.  This giant archive is my inspiration lifeline.  So in this case, I open up the blouses and dress folders to find some things I like.

I found some blouses that I really like and are different from what I have:
And some JSKs/OPs that inspired me:
DR00145_12 DR00146_02 SweetJewelryHolyRoseWomensSchoolUniformSet-blackxred_0 tumblr_m8yfv5NqDD1rx8ucyo3_400
((Note that you have to LOOK PAST PRINTS.  Pay attention to the designs, not the fabric.))
And last I check out my details folder for some little ideas I might want to incorporate:
tumblr_m6tcxqx4zc1qbuhibo1_500 tumblr_loryt39O961qcfh38o1_400 tumblr_lxunrp2e7a1qjd8bdo1_400

Now, on to Step Three!  I take out my sketch book and sketch.  I pull ideas from all of the images that had things that i liked and combine the elements that really pop to me to create something original.  I try not to worry about making the sketch look pretty, I just need to get ideas down and see what will actually work.  After I know what I want to do, I will go back and draw it out prettily.


Now that I know WHAT TO MAKE, it’s just a matter of finding the right fabric either in my apartment waiting to be used or to get to the store and buy some!

Dont’ forget coupons 😉


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