A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place

Even though this topic didn’t win as the Lolita Blog Carnival topic of the week, I thought that it was worth a post anyways!  The very, very, extremely important question of Storing Your Lolita!  And not simply your Lolita clothing, but also your sewing supplies!  I took a couple of photos to show how I do it and maybe give you some ideas 😉


I keep my wigs on top of the bookshelf in my room, fashionable dressed with a top hat and mask that needed a place to go as well.  I keep the wigs on Styrofoam wig heads from Sally’s Beauty Supples with a t-pin through the top to keep them stable.  I try to comb my wigs every few weeks if I don’t wear them and also check to make sure that dust is not collecting n them.

Door storage is the best!  This is my closet door.  On one side I have hooks where I hand various items.  I will consistently keep the vintage, authentic kimono from my great-grand-mother here, my tiny purses, parasol, earmuffs and headphones.  I will also usually hand my newest JSK or OP here, which is currently the Baby dress I received for Christmas!  On the other side of the door I have a shoe-organizer.  This is where I keep my socks, gloves, decorative belts, clutch purses and miscellaneous bows.  Door shoe organizers are the best space saving creating ever!

Closet!  my closet is crazy packed.  Ever feel like you don’t have enough space?  My closet is a square, walk in closet.  The rack on the right is where I store most of my Lolita items, such as blouses, bloomers, skirts, JSKs and OPs.  On the left is all my jackets, cardigans, vests and non-Lolita fancy items that need to be hung, not folded.  I run out of hangers frequently so sometimes I will have two skirts together.  Underneath the right rack, I have ALL THE SHOES!  I store my heeled and “fancy” shoes on a three tier shoe rack.  It was pretty cheap and very sturdy, which saves me a lot of floor space haha.  My flats and boots are just lined up on the floor in front of the rack.

Above the Lolita rack, I have a box for petticoats and a hat box…for hats.  I used to hang my petticoats but, as I’m sure you could tell, there wasn’t enough fluffy space, so I went with the “just put it in a box” method.  The box is big enough that the petticoats (there are two in there right now, a cotton petti and my “fluffer scrap petti”) aren’t balled and scrunched up.  They have space to be…whatever they want to be haha.  The hat box also has maybe 10 hats in it.  Most of them are vintage from my Great-Aunt-Elma, who was a model in the 1920s.  I also have a vintage glove collection of her’s to the left of these picture, but all those gloves are too small for my hands!

Beauty supplies!  As you can see, I have ANOTHER shoe organizer in my bathroom.  I keep all of my hair products, medicines, band-aids, hair accessories that are not bows, nails and eye lashes on this organizer.  It is so.  handy.  Like.  amazing.  Over my toilet I have another storage space where I keep my perfumes, lotions, nail polish and jewelry.  My jewelry is divided by earrings w/ bracelets and necklaces w/ rings into bead/craft organizers.  These little boxes are great for jewelry!  The little compartments make it great to keep organized and untangled and are GREAT for traveling!

On to the sewing stuffs!  The left image is from my closet.

Hi.  My name is Erin.  I am a fabric horder.

Anyways, I have a lot of fabric that my cousin, who is a seamstress, gave me before she moved to South Korea!  She also lent me her Serger and grommet machine!  O.O Best cousin ever.  I keep the upholstery and more Steampunk-able fabrics in the big bags.  They are so big, I could fit into them, but I can see right through them which makes them a lot more useful than garbage bags.  To the left of those bags you can see my Baby bags, which was gracefully hiding my fabric bin, which has LOTS of scrap fabric.  Mostly tulle and anything non-cotton.  I try to keep it organized but whenever I dig through it, it gets less-organized and so I hide that with prettiness, haha!  The second picture is the bottom shelf of my bookcase where I have rolled bundles of fabrics that I think I might someday use and yet another Baby bag where I keep all of my ribbons and lace.

Lastly, I have a little 3-draw storage container where I keep my buttons, bias tape, elastic, zippers, glues and such (not pictured) and next to that is a container with all of my thread and sitting on top of that is a box with my “beloved scraps”.  Here I keep the tinest scraps of fabrics that I have used and ADORE.  Don’t ask why I keep them.  I haven’t figured that out yet.  And the LAAAST picture is of my sewing station!  I have a corkboard on the wall which is the best investment ever for a seamstress!  I pin my brown paper patterns up here, along with little notes, pictures and my Brand tags.  Super handy for staying organized and storage.  On my storing desk I have my sewing machine (Bernina aurora 430), my cousin’s Serger, a container with sharpies, pens and pencils and my machine accessory box which holds my machine feet, needles, bobbins, button hole things, seam rippers…you get the idea.

SO!  That’s how I do it.  That’s how I keep my Lolita stored and organized.  What about you?  Have any tips and tricks to share?


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