Off the Loli-Train

Not all Lolitas wear Lolita all the time.  There are always days when it is too hard, too cold, too busy, too dirty or we just get too lazy to put together a coordinate.  But you never get to see those days!  Of course, there are always the times when you look like you just rolled out of  bed and went out into the world…we keep those to ourselves.  I’m talking about the days  without a petticoat and still a lot of style.  Here are a few shots of what I wear when I’m not wearing Lolita:

IMG_2209  IMG_2062 Img_1770 Img_1695 Img_1585 Img_0346

I have a couple of things that I wear a lot, like my light gray and dark gray skinny jeans, those lacy dresses and my checkered mini skirt.  I also tend to throw a lot of Lolita elements into these looks, especially shoes and socks.  A lot of shoes and socks.  Non-Lolita days aren’t ugly days.  They are just days when I get to show a different side of myself that doesn’t involve petticoats.

What about you?  What do your non-Lolita days look like?


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