Even though I didn’t remember to get a picture of the coordinate, I wanted to share an inspirational idea.

Lolita Witchcraft!

Sometimes, I look in my wardrobe and see a very non-Lolita dress and I think ‘I wish this was a blouse’.  Well, why can’t it be?  Below is an example of what I mean.


I LOVE this dress.  It is very nice for running wardrobe and has a very pretty lace top to it.  But, I wanted to wear Lolita.  Specifically, my Fleur de Lis skirt.  So I combined the two!


Ta-Da!  So yes, don’t be afraid to mix and match.  I’ve done this on several occasions with different dresses and it is really fun 😉

Also, I finally fixed my scandalously short Lolita skirt!  I had made this skirt a year ago for opening night of The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  I was crazy and pleated and then gathered the pleats.  UGH!  So much fullness.  And I could never get the hem to be balance and after trying and trying it just kept getting shorter and shorter.  So I finally sat down.  Took it completely apart.  Gathered it straight and added a simple black ruffle to the hem for length.  Yeah!  One of my favorite skirts is no longer tabloid material!

socks IMG_2199

I am so bad about fixing things.  I have little tags on items in my closet saying “take in elastic” or “balance hem” and when I want to sew I look at them and think “I should fix that” but I don’t.  I am working on grabbing some motivation and just fixing my sewing mistakes!

I hope everyone is having a great week and you’ll hear from me again soon!


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