Lolita Blog Carnival: Adding Off-Brand to Your Lolita

Shorting after posting ‘Witchcraft!‘ the Lolita Blog Carnival topic of the week was released, and it tied in quite nicely:

Tips for Adding Off-Brand to a Lolita Wardrobe.

And by off-brand, it doesn’t mean Bodyline or Taobao, it means the non-Lolita kind of off-brand.

Img_0971 Img_0950 1118011318
IMG_2023 d (1)

I looked through my dailies and found a couple of examples of my more ‘off-brand’ coordinates.  Jackets are a big thing for me.  Cute cut denim jackets (Macy’s), cropped leather jackets (Charlotte Russe), or hoodies (Delia’s) for chilly days.  Sweaters and simple button-up camisoles are another great item I love.  With a cardigan or jacket, cute cotton camies can be great for a summer casual coordinate.  I have one pictured her twice from Dillard’s, but I also have some cute bustier-style ones from Charlotte Russe.

  Belts and shoes are a really big item that you can find in non-Lolita stores that work well with coordinates.  Here, I feature boots from the thrift store, flats from Payless and belts and heels from Black House|White Market.  Legwear and shoes is another thing that is really easy to find in non-Lolita stores, and a lot of them are quite cute!  I love me some legwarmers for the winter time; these are from Claire’s and Kohl’s.  The tights picture are all from Forever 21, you can’t tell but they have really cute designs!

Of course, the last thing that is off-brand that I constantly add to any coordinate is jewelry.  Easy, yes.  I’m sure you guessed it before I said it.  Charming Charlie’s is one of my favorite stores for jewelry, and it’s sorted by color *WOW*.  Forever 21 and Claire’s also have affordable jewelry if you can find the right things to ft your style.

IMG_2210 IMG_2211i

To wrap up this post, I wanted to share today’s coordiante, which I put together inspired by this weeks theme.  It is very celtic-steampunk-punk-esque.  Haha.  Here, the ONLY “Lolita” item is the skirt.  Here is a rundown of the outfit:

Jacket: Wet Seal
Bustier: Charlotte Russe
T-Shirt: Kohl’s
Socks: Gifted
Boots: LineLight/Rack Room Shoes
Jewelry: Gifted & Forever 21
Camisole: Aerie (Not Picture – cream lace)
Tights: Gifted (Not Pictured – brown fishnets)

So that’s how I do it.  I hope it sparked some ideas for your wardrobe!  If it did, be sure to share!

Here are blogs with more thoughts on this topic: jessiedressesup | ramble rori | let them eat cake | art du noir | derpland | geisha baby | masquerade doll | lace a la mode | tanged lace | the bloody tea party


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