The Meet-Up With Pink Lolitas

Once a year, all of the North Carolina Lolitas gather in one place to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  Of course, Valentine’s Day isn’t for another week but that doesn’t stop us from having a party.  This meet-up is a little different from our usual “activity+food+shopping”.  This meet-up is mainly just food!  Everyone from around the state gathers with goodies to catch up, take pictures, eat noms and wear Lolita.  It was so much fun as always and a great way to spend my last day before “Into the Woods” starts teching.

I also got to wear my first brand dress again!  I loved this coordinate and had tons of fun planning it, especially with a wig.  I also thought red hair and pink dresses looked silly, but not anymore!  I can’t wait to wear this dress again and create a new coordinate for Animazement!


JSK/Bow: “Alice and her Black Cat” Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Socks: Sock Dreams
Boots: Vintage
Headband/Rings: Forever21
Flower: Claire’s
Wig: “Classic Light Auburn” Gothic Lolita Wigs


This was also the first meet-up that I brought a +1 to!  My fiance, Jeremy, graciously dressed in his dapper best to accompany me to the meet-up.  Having a +1 is in some ways very different from going to a meet-up alone and in some ways no different.  He said he felt like “arm-candy” haha and he was very nice arm-candy at that!  I was so glad he came and had fun with me!

Overall, it was an amazing meet-up, as always my favorite of the year, and it was great to see the Raleigh and Charlotte Lolitas as well as all the new faces!


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