Lolita Blog Carnival: My Historical Influences

A couple weeks back, the Lolita Blog Carnival had a GREAT topic.  Sadly, Into the Woods was in full swing occupying all of my time.  Now, I have time to breathe again and so I decided, even weeks late, I wanted to do this blog post!

The Historical Era That Most Influences My Lolita Style

A few things jumped to the forefront of my mind when I started thinking about this question: Charles Dickens, Whimsical Victorian and Audrey Hepburn.  I would say that these ideas really jump start my answer!  How about we go in chronological order?

Charles Dickens – 1850

Not only is the silhouette very close to Lolita, there are also a lot of fun details and ideas for skirts in this era.  The children’s clothing is so CUTE but women’s fashion also has a lot of beauty in the design.  I also have always had a special love for A Christmas Carol, but I’m not entirely sure why.  I am pretty sure it is the idea of a Romantic Christmas.  Big ballgowns, houses decked in tinsel and candles with a tree of simple ornaments, carolers on the streets…

Whimsical Victorian – 1880

There are so many fun details in Bustle-Era fashion, complete with the ruffles and lace we love so much in Lolita, as well as a million creative ways to do necklines, sleeves, frills and trims.  There are so many details to pull inspiration from.  This era is pack with little tidbits to incorporate into Lolita designs.  I love looking through fashion plates from this periods when I need something little to spice up a dress or blouse.  A new way to do the ruffles and lace, a different neckline or some fun sleeves!

Audrey Hepburn – 1950

Audrey Hepburn is my absolute favorite person ever.  Any of her movies gives me instant nostalgia and warm fuzzies.  I have loved her movies since a young girl and I would love to be perceived as beautiful, quirky and endearing as her.  And of course, a lot of Audrey is a lot of the 1950’s.  Especially in Funny Face.  I love the simple elegance and flirty feeling of the 50’s.  I would have thrived in this era!  Sock hops, dancing, big full skirts, young flirty love…

So I think that breaks it down for me!  AH!  Now I have to go watch How to Steal A Million so this blog post is over!

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