The Novelty Dress

Finished!  I haven’t made anything in a LONG time so finding time to sew and make a lovely new dress has been AMAZING!

IMG_2271 IMG_2273

The design didn’t change too much except that I added a big fluffy tulle ruffle to the bottom of the skirt instead of just simple trim.

IMG_2338 IMG_2339

I ADORE this dress!  The fabric was amazing and it just feels so eclectic, probably because it was!  It was nice to really be creative: I have tulle that matches – USE!, I had extra red fabric that matches – USE!  I have some ribbon lying around – USE!  So much fun.

IMG_2346 IMG_2347

I also love this dress because it can go a lot of different directions: Steampunk, Classic, Vintage…I’m really excited to see what coordinates will come out of this JSK.  Today’s coordinate, for example; I loved it!


It was a little chillier than I anticipated, but no fear!  It worked out just splendidly with a sweater and legwarmers!  The breakdown…
Novelty Dress: Handmade
Chiffon Blouse: Forever21
Sweater: Gift, Offbrand ??
Socks: Gift, Offbrand ??
Legwarmers: Claire’s
Shoes: Payless
Headband: Charming Charlie’s

Can’t wait for my next project!  I have some lovely fabric and a new shiny patterning book.  mwaha.


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