Lolita Blog Carnival: My Favorite Type of Accessory

This is a week late, but hopefully no one will notice!
Today’s Lolita Blog Carnival topic is:
My Favorite Type of Accessory!

I still can’t believe it is ‘accessory’ and not ‘accessories’.

But if I have to pick one and only one, then I am going to have to go with…

I don’t wear gloves as often as I would like to, but I love seeing them in coordinates!

IMG_1919 Img_9147 IMG_19792

I think part of my love of gloves comes from a massive glove collection I inherited from my great-great-aunt, Elma.  She was a model in the 1930’s and collected all sorts of gloves from the period.  Unfortunately, most of the gloves don’t fit me; ladies had TINY hands back then!

IMG_2387 IMG_2388

IMG_2389 IMG_2390

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2 thoughts on “Lolita Blog Carnival: My Favorite Type of Accessory

  1. Your vintage glove collection is just amazing, but I know what you mean about them being really tiny. I have relatively small hands and I’ve found so many lovely pairs at antique stores that would never, ever fit.

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