Flat Felled Butterflies

My mom bought me some BEAUTIFUL fabric for Easter.  It is so bright compared to a lot of what I have and I’m happy to have something fun and springy to wear now that it is warming up outside.

IMG_2486 IMG_2483

Today’s blog post is tutorial for how to do one of my FAVORITE types of seam finishes: Flat Felled Seams.

 I like this kind of seam a lot because it finishes off the raw edges on the inside flat so that the edges of the seam aren’t just hanging out and it looks really nice.  On bodices it reminds me of corset seams which I think is quite fun.

So!  First off, make sure you have 1″ seam allowances where you are going to fell!  Very important!

After you have stitched the seam you are going to ‘fell’, press it opened.

Then, trim the side you want the felled seam to be on down to maximum 1/2″, minimum 1/4″.

Press that trimmed seam allowance over on top of the other seam allowance.

Then fold the larger seam allowance over the smaller allowance that is pressed over, encasing the trimmed raw edge and press.
IMG_2471 IMG_2472

Next, press both seam allowances over to the opposite side and pin in place from the right side of the fabric.
IMG_2474 IMG_2475

Stitch from the right side at 3/8″-1/2″.


Ta-da!  Pretty Flat Felled Seams!



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