Boning Butterflies

So you have your A-Line or Cupcake skirt high-waisted skirt stitched together now?  Great!  Boning the waist portion of the skirt can give it extra stability and allow it to remaining standing straight and flat around your waist instead of shrinking down.

The type of boning I will be using is Rigilene.


If you have A-Line skirt, mark on the outside with pins where the waist ends and the skirt begins.  You will want your bones to end here.


On either side of each seam where your boning will be, stitch a line – holding the face and skirt together –  about 3/8″ from the seam on either side.  This will create a channel for your boning to slip in.


Measure and cut your boning.  Then slide your boning into the channels between the skirt and facing.


Top stitch at the bottom of each channel to secure the boning in place and you’re done!


Coming soon!  Simple Zippers!


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