Seamed Together

You have patterned and cut your high waisted skirt.  Now just put it together!

This post deals with stitching A-Line skirts, Pinking Raw Edges and Facings.

Now, stitch it all together!


The seam finishing I will be using on this skirt is Pinking Sheers!


Pinking Shears cut the fabric into small dags that prevent the raw edges from fraying to an extent.  If you will not be overly active and wash your clothing carefully, it works well as an easy finish for Lolita items.  Also, use pinking shears to clip into the curves where the gore transitions from waist to skirt.  This allows the seam allows to pull apart and let the fabric lay flat on the outside.


Press your seams open for a flat finish.  If your skirt has any curved style seams, press the seam allowances towards the inside of the curve but keep the skirt portion pressed open.  This will help those curved seams to look prettier.


Now, take your facing rectangle and pin the top edge to the skirt waist top, right sides together.  Stitch together and press the seam open.


Turn the facing down to the back of the skirt and press a hard line.  Topstitch close to the edge.



Coming Soon, Boning Your High-Waisted Skirt, Ruffles and Simple Zipper!


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