The Simple Zipper


This zipper will lay flat in the center of a seam with small turned edges on either side.  They are not as hidden as invisible or lapped zippers, but they do the trick!

  1. First, baste the seam where your zipper will be going.  A basting stitch is the longest stitch on your machine – easy to rip out ;).  Press the seam open.
  2. Lay the zipper with the coil/zipper pull face down on the inside seam, so that the coil lays right in the middle. Pin both sides of the top of the zipper to hold it in place.
  3. On the RIGHT SIDE of the fabric, pin the zipper so that the coil lays right on the seam. Use your pins as a guideline for where to stitch, curving around the zipper pull at the top.
  4. Using your zipper foot, stitch in place, making sure not to stitch too close to the coil.
    IMG_2614 IMG_2613
  5.  Rip open the seam and remove the loose threads and…

EDIT: I would like to note that this post was started on 4/22/2013 but I didn’t realize it was incomplete until 7/19/2015. Sorry about that! Not sure what happened…


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