The Blue Blouse

A possible Lolita Blog Carnival topic was “My Favorite Blouse”.  Unfortunately – to my dismay – it was not chosen.  BUT that doesn’t mean I wrote write the post!  So, here is my favorite blouse: The Blue Blouse.

Img_1421  Img_1422

I love this blouse primarily because I think it is the best item I have ever made and great design.  The length and flare were really good so tat I could wear it over a skirt if I wanted, in which case I added a cut little ruffle to the bottom edge.  I also think the sleeves – which have elastic in them – have a good amount of fullness; not too big and poofy but certainly cute and fluffy.  Plus, I love the amount of bows on this blouse!  The cute ones on the sleeves and the giant one at the collar, which is detachable.  The collar on this blouse turned out really well also.  Collars and neckedges sometimes give me trouble but not this time!.

IMG_1415 IMG_1414

I think the little tucks by the button flap with the little ruffles and covered buttons really make it look great and professional.  Covered buttons became a favorite of mine after this blouse.  They are so easy to make and really give the blouse a finished, store-bought look.

IMG_2678b Img_0907a 0824021249

Here are a couple of the coordinates I have done with this blouse.  I don’t get to wear it as often as I wish, mostly because I always think of it as being a sweet blouse.  But when I wrote it last Saturday – first picture – I discovered that light blue doesn’t have to be coupled with cupcakes!  It also fits absurdly well.  I should really wear my favorite blouse more often.

What is your favorite blouse?  Write your own blog post and share it with me!  Or just reply with a picture 😉


4 thoughts on “The Blue Blouse

    1. I have never bought patterns but I would recommend getting something with the basic essentials for a blouse: button placket, sleeves, collar. Something like one of these two: Simplicity; McCall’s. You can use this pattern as a base ( though I would suggest making it as-is once first) and alter the pattern to fit what you want by changing the sleeves around to add more poof or change the shape of the collar to be curved instead of pointed, etc. Also, be sure that if you want it to be able to sit over a skirt and flare out that you adjust the pattern from the waist down to accommodate the petticoat 🙂

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