Overall. Costume Design & Technology.

Considering I am graduating tomorrow – note: no cap and gowns so LOLITA it is – I thought it would be interesting to share school-related things!  I am about to receive my B.F.A. in Costume Design & Technology from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  This is where I learned how to sew professionally, pattern, drape, dye, draw better, paint better, run wardrobe, design characters and do paperwork.  Another note: I did not learn how to write, math or science here (haha ‘how to math’).  Luckily, I had previously learned this skills.  Boo-yah dual-enrollment.

Images for looksies only!

Class Work

IMG_2656 IMG_2576 IMG_2580
IMG_2680  IMG_2028 Pa062410
IMG_2715 IMG_2713 IMG_2704

IMG_2845 IMG_2848 IMG_2854

Classes were intense.  So much outside work but I learned how to manage my time quickly.  I learned soooo much.  Corsetry.  Stretchwear.  Tailored Suits.  Speed Draping.  Classical Tutus.  Milinery.  And that is just brushing the surface!

Wig & Make-Up

WAM IMG_0650 Img_0433

I took a couple wig and make-up classes on the side.  Hand ventilating, wig fronting, foundation building, period wig styling, old age make-up, character make-up and corrective make-up.  Lots of different kinds of make-up!

154_0209 comedy
Designer: Jane Scott                                                            Designer: Ashley Rogers
016_0261 130_0174
Designer: April Hickman                                                    Designer: Kendra Weeks

Oh draping for productions!  These are just a few shots, but I learned the most in productions.  That’s where the biggest challenges are.  Like making a Lolita-style petticoat that is light, trapeze-bar safe and has lots of bubbly movement to sleeves that get ripped off every show.

217_0600 172_0544 172_0571
Designer: Kahei Shum

But the best thing this year was Into the Woods, designed by Kahei Shum.  I was the design assistant, dye shop artisan, wardrobe head and quick change choreographer on this show.  Pretty much, I did the paperwork, I got things for the designer, I dyed all of the fabric that needed to be dyed, I made sure actors got dressed properly, that their clothes were always there and clean and that I figured out how to do quick changes fast, like turning a peasant Cinderella into a ballgown princess in 40 seconds.  It was the best show ever with wonderful designers, director, crew and performers.


Images for looksies only!


So that’s it!  I’m graduating.  I have learned SO much in college, not just about sewing.  About people.  About working hard.  About life.  But I’m not done learned yet.

I mean, honestly, I’m never going to be done learning.


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