Lolita Carnival Blog: Top 3 Wishlist Items.

Today’s Lolita Blog Carnival topic is:
Top 3 Wish List Items!

This is where it gets crazy because I have different kinds of wish lists.  Sewing wish lists.  Fabric wish lists.  Brand wish lists.
So, for the purpose of this topic and the fact that sewing and fabric come regularly, I have decided to share with you my Top 3 BRAND Wish List Items.

1. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Unico in Bloomland Pearl JSK in Navy
136515432425037766_ueDpa6Qx_bUnicoinBloomlandPearlJSK-navy-front UnicoinBloomlandScallopJSK-navy-zprint_0

A common thing for me: elegant sweet and unicorns.  I have been wanting this JSK ever since it came out.  I think it is so beautiful and elegant.  The design is simple and perfectly compliments the design.  Also, unicorns.  Also, pearls.

2. Metamorphose Temps de Fill Twinkle Journey OP
meta_op_twinklejourney meta_op_twinklejourney_add8

See?  Unicorns.  I LOVE THIS PRINT!  So beautiful and mysterious and elegant and unicorns.  I also think the design of the dress is really unique and fun.  It reminds me of a princess ballerina.  But really, any of the variations for this print would satisfy me.

3. Angelic Pretty Playing Cards Carnival OP


I would wear this dress every single day if I owned it.  I love how it allows the print to just take over and be like “I am Print!  I am awesome!”  And it has little neck ties and a cute ribbon pin.  So cute and fun.  Love it so much.

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