The Madness of May

This month of May is the craziest month ever!  I just got back from New York, visiting my fiancé and his family and now I’m jumping head-long into designing for Peppercorn Childrens Theatre.  *dies* unfortunately, I love Peppercorn people so it is going to be a blast.  It is a Magic Show in Victorian times, complete with audience plants and lots of magic tricks.  Needless to say, it will be quite magical.

SCAN0130  SCAN0131

Also, to add to the list of things this month, Animazement is in a WEEK.  a WEEK.  AH!  So, of course, I want something new to wear.  I’m killing myself here haha.  But I got this sweet fabric…
And a great sketched-out design…


So it’s just the matter of slapping together a bodice and skirt.  It’s possible.



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