Butterflies, Balloons and Bridal Shower

While I was up visiting my fiancé’s family in New York, my future sister-in-law and future mother-in-law threw me a Bridal Shower!  PRINCESS THEMED!  How could I pass up dressing up?

IMG_2747 IMG_2752
NEW Butterfly Dream JSK

I love this dress SOOO much!  It works so well as a sundress, casual Lolita, fancy Lolita.  ANYTHING!  IT IS THE PERFECT DRESS.
I was excited.

179117_10152850816360297_1254618758_n 183670_10152820270405297_1730980198_n

The shower was great, lots of fun!  And I got a Rapunzel Tiara!  Because she is the best princess.  Jeremy came at the end and had a crown to wear!  AH!  My future sister-in-law-in-law made a super awesome hat with all of the bows that came on our presents.  Presents.  We are really grateful for all of the great gifts.  Jeremy’s grandma even handmade us a quilt for our home!  You need quilts in Wisconsin!  burrrr!


And I got a ton of balloons out of the deal.  My future sister-in-law-in-law (yes, we do want to be sisters that badly) took some cute pictures of us, including us watching two balloons fly away…



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