Zipper in a Bag

This blog post – and the last tutorial from my Caramel Mocha Swirl set – is another Zipper! Tutorial!  Previously, I have talked about bagged out garments and how that works.  This post deals with how to put zippers into backed out garments.  In my CMS Bodice, the entire thing is bag-lined, but I need a way to get into it!  So I am going to put a zipper in the center back!  Using this method, you will be able to see the zipper, so make sure you color match – or contrast!  Also, be careful to note if your zipper will need to be separating!  In this garment, the zipper does need to be.

Here is the zipper this tutorial shows you how to do!


  1. First, bag out your garment as you normally would.  Where the zipper will be going, press the seam allowance inside the garment and pin to give a clean line and a seam to put the zipper into.
  2. Next, cut your zipper to length.  If it is a separating zipper, shorten it from the TOP NOT THE BOTTOM!  Be sure to watch the zipper pull closely and keep it at the bottom of the zipper.  You do NOT want it coming off!  Shorten non-separating zippers from the bottom and zig-zag stitch where the zipper will need to stop by machine densely.  Stoppers for separating zippers will be done at the end.  Cut the zipper so it will fit into the seam PERFECTLY, even slightly snug.
  3. Slide the zipper into the pressed seam, being aware of the right side and top/bottom of the garment.  Pin securely into place.
  4. Using a zipper foot, stitch close to the edge before the zipper.  Make sure you don’t stitch right on the edge so there is a little give for the zipper pull to get up smoothly.
  5. Remove your pins and press the garment very flat.
  6. IMG_2874IMG_2875
  7. Almost done!  We just need to add a stopper for separating zippers.  Thread up a hand needle with 2 strains of thread, tying all four ends together for super strength.  At the very top of both sides of the zipper, create an X that goes in between the teeth of the zipper.  Make sure there are at least 4 layers of your super-strength thread.  Test your zipper pull to make sure you have enough layers and it will securely stop the zipper every time!
  8. All done!  Bagged zipper!  W00t!
  9. IMG_2882

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