Lolita Blog Carnival: My Most Recent Wardrobe Addition

Today’s Lolita Blog Carnival topic is:
My Most Recent Wardrobe Addition!

Easy-peasy since I never got a chance to formally introduce my new
Caramel Mocha Swirl Bodice & Skirt
that I finished just in time for Animazement!


It came out just perfect!  I really love how the fabrics played off each other.  I think it was the perfect balance of fun and simplistic.  Plus, I have hardly any – read ‘none’ – brown or tan items, so this is a wonderful addition to my wardrobe!


I am also really glad that I made the skirt and bodice separate pieces instead of a JSK.  This means that if I ever want to wear the bodice with a brown skirt or whatever, I can!  Or if I just want to wear the skirt with a nice blouse, I can do that too!  Options are the best.  My favorite is how well the pieces work together as one though!


Plus.  It’s polka dots.  Lovely.

A plethora of tutorials came out of this set as well!  So be sure to check them out for all sorts of sewing ideas, tips and tricks:
Bagged Zipper
Peek-a-Boo Ruffle
Balancing a Hem
Seam Plackets
Skirt Waistbands


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