Lolita Blog Carnival: Tips for Wearing Lolita in the Summer

This week’s Lolita Blog Carnival topic is…

Tips for Wearing Lolita in the Summer!

I actually suggested this topic which makes me really excited to write this blog post!
I think it is an interesting topic as “Summer” and “Lolita” are really at odds.  At least when it’s cold in the winter you can bundle up with cute coats and hats and boots.  In the summer, when it’s hot and summer, shorts and a tank top is a staple outfit.  But if you are like me, you want to wear Lolita all the time – even in the summer! – but it can be challenging for two main reasons:
1. Rules.  Yes, yes, they are more like guidelines, but still.  At the core of Lolita is modesty and so you want to make sure that your coordinate qualifies as Lolita beyond the silhouette or aesthetic.
2. Comfort.  Lolita requires a lot of layers for a typical coordinate.  Blouse, JSK, Bloomers, Petticoat, Socks, Wig, etc.  But in the summer, it. is. hot. And that many layers can be deadly.

So what do you do?  You want to wear Lolita, you want to have a great coordinate, you want to be cute and within the rules and have fun.  But how?

Tip 1: Break the rules with sophisticated elegance.  For some, a JSK MUST be worn with a blouse, for others a cardigan is enough and even some are totally okay with a light shawl or bare shoulders! *scandalous, I know!*  My tip would be, if you are going to break a rule to survive Summer in Lolita, do it with class.  If you are going to for-go socks or a blouse, make sure that you spend enough time on your coordinate so that it still has a modest approach.  Don’t draw attention to the “rule breaking” necessarily, but let it happen with intention.

Tip 2: Minimize Layers.  As strange as it may sound, an OP will often be cooler than a blouse and JSK, because it is one layer of garment, rather than several.  Also, shortie bloomers *or if you are adventurous, none!* really help to keep your body cool.  But if you dismiss bloomers, make sure that your lady-likeness is stepped up a notch.

Tip 3: Up-Dos!  Don’t even bother with a wig unless you want your brains to catch on fire.  There are plenty of ways to do your hair up, though, to keep your neck uncovered and cool.  Also, this provides a way to add interest and style to your outfit with ease!

Tip 4: Ankle socks.  You can find really cute ankle and OTK socks made out of fine lace now – it has become quite trendy – which allow you to avoid bare feet but don’t suffocate your toes!  If you find you are too hot for even socks, make sure you still wear barely-there socks, the kind they make for wearing flats.  This will keep your shoes in much better condition without getting worn away by gross feet sweat.

Tip 5: Comfortable shoes.  The more stress you put on your feet, the hotter they will feel and the hotter you will feel over all.  So when picking shoes, not only stay away from boots, but also make sure they will be comfy and be “open” for air.

Today is a rather warm day, and I’ll be visiting my brother for awesome food truck hamburgers from Only Burger and then adventures at the new NC State Library.  Here is how I coordinated my outfit to accommodate my desire to wear Lolita and the stuffy weather.

IMG_6915 IMG_6927

Handmade JSK with a thin, knitted cardigan from Charlotte Russe.  This will keep my arms covered but also keeps them cool because the knit pattern is very loose (though if it gets too hot, I could remove the cardigan as well).  I also like this cardigan because even though it is longer than I would normally like, the back is made of translucent lace, so you can vaguely see through to the details of the dress.

Lace, ankle socks from Claire’s that are super cute, soft and loose so that my feet can breath, but I can still have something on my feet.  Those are paired with a pair of shoes from Bodyline that are very comfortable, but have a lot of breathing spaces so that my feet won’t over-heat!

My hair is up in braids, which is my favorite type of updo because when I let it out tomorrow it will be all wavy and pretty.  I added a simple white flower clip to accessorize.  This way, I have a cute do and my head won’t get hot.

I’m also wearing my handmade shortie bloomers (though you don’t get to see them) which are made of very thin, soft cotton to allow my skin to breath, but protect my honor in case of a strong wind.

If you have any tips for wearing Lolita in the summer, share them below!  And as always…

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9 thoughts on “Lolita Blog Carnival: Tips for Wearing Lolita in the Summer

  1. Your outfit is really adorable! I love the touch of red in it!

    Your tips are all great and ended up being pretty similar to mine!

  2. Great tips, and your jumperskirt looks like it’s really well-made! The colors in that coord are perfect for summertime~

  3. Your dress is absolutely beautiful! I could even see you pitching the socks abduction parties and pairing it with a candy apple red pair of peep toed flats, wedges, or low heels to give your dress an adorable vintage look. You are so unbelievably talented 🙂

    1. Oh you are too sweet! Thank you so much for the encouragement and those are some really cute ideas! I have some peep-toe wedges in red! I’m totally going to pair those with this dress next time!

  4. Here are two advices which might also help on hot summer days: a parasol might help a little to protect you from the burning sun and a fan may became a lifesaver indoors if the air-conditioning isn’t good. 🙂

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