The Shortest Shirring Tutorial Ever

I got this ADORABLE fabric from JoAnn Fabrics!  I have to go back this week because the coupons are AMAZING.  I got all the materials needed to make a dress for $25!  There is a 50% off, 40% off and 30% TOTAL purchase.  Which is all pretty rad.

Also, I made this dress in a day and now I need things to do.  Because sewing is fun and packing is not.  Also, there isn’t anymore wedding planning I can do until I get some more things in the mail.

So, here is a little tutorial for how I do shirring!  I use channels, which allows me to adjust the elastic if needed.

Note that you will need to predetermine how much your shirring can stretch to and be aware of how little it needs to shrink down to fit you.  My panel is 8″ wide and will shrink to 5″.

First, make sure that you add ribbon loops or grommets or whatever you are using to lave your shirring before sewing the shirring panel to the other pieces beside it.

Then, bag out the bodice of your jsk/op/blouse/whatever. Or at least the shirring portion.  This JSK is simply faced, but I fully lined/faced the shirring panel.

Pin the lining so that it matches the shirring panel and doesn’t move around on you.  Stitch lines for your elastic across the panels, holding the lining down and creating channels for your elastic.  You can have as many channels or as little as you want, but I would suggest at least 5 and no closer than 1″.

Cut your elastic pieces to the length your shirred panel will shrink to plus 1″ for seam allowance/securing.  Put a small safety pin 1″ in at one end and a larger one 1″ in at the other end.  This will provide something an easy way to get the elastic through the channel but also a stopper so that you don’t pull it all the way through.
Put the elastic through each channel, straight pinning the elastic in place at each end.  Stitch two rows of stitching to secure the elastic on each end of the shirred panel.  Remember to remove the safety pins before stitch.
Ta-Da!  All done.  Now just to last it up.  w00t!


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