The Proper Wig Prep

A bun on your head can be bumpy.

Shoved under a wig cap can be messy.

Sometimes, prepping your hair for a wig can be difficult, and often make your wig look less than natural, especially if you have long hair.

So for you, I present the Best Way to Prep Your Hair for a Wig!

Before we start, we are the three kinds of pins you will need:
1. Pop clips 2. Bobby pins 3. Hair pins

First, split your hair down the middle and French braid each side.

Take your bangs or a front section of your hair and do one to three pin curls.  This will give you a good anchor point.

Then, fold the braids around your head, not lapping the braids, and pin in place with bobby pins.


Pull it over your head; from back to front works best for me.  If you have any stray hairs, use the end of a rattail comb to push them under the wig cap.  If you have a lot of hair, you can pull on a second wig cap to smooth it over even more.

Secure the wig cap with pop clips, two in the front and two in the back.


Pull your wig on, again back to front.  If you are careful, you won’t mess up any pre-styling at all!

Use hair pins to secure wig.  One center-front and two by the lower temples.  This will keep your wig from slipping around on your head.  For the most security, push the pin down straight, then pivot it and push back, away from hair line, into the wig.

You can see how “flat” the wig is, no bumps or messes!  it’s as if it’s my real hair!…maybe-kinda-sorta

Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs, Classic Wavy, Light Auburn

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