Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Process for Dressing in Lolita

This week’s Lolita Blog Carnival Topic is…

Your Process for Dressing in Lolita!

 Second suggested topic ftw!  This is a really fun topic because it gives me an excuse to get dressed up!  I’m not having as many opportunities this summer to dress up, and not just because of the heat!

Anyways, this is my process for dressing up in Lolita…

First, of course, I make sure my outfit is coordinated: clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.  If I want to make changes later, that’s fine but I like having a starting point!  Also, if I am styling my wig any special way, I will do that on the head before I put it on.

Second, I do my make-up, all except for eyelashes if I am wearing them.  Cream foundation first, then finishing powder.  Eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.  Blush to finish it off!  I save lips for veeery last before photos so it’s fresh and shiny.

Next is my hair!  If I am wearing a wig, I will prep my hair.  My wig prep is very easy and makes your wig look most natural, even with long hair!  Interested in the best way to prep your hair for a wig, I have a tutorial for that!

If no wig, like today, then I style my hair whichever way.  Today, for a fun summer day, I went with just curly-wavy, accomplished via braided wet hair.  Super easy to create and style!

Now I’ll get dressed.  Blouse and tights first – if I’m wearing them – and bloomers.  This way I can tuck my blouse into my tights and bloomers so that it stays pulled down and smooth.  Then I’ll put on my JSK and pull on my petticoat.

Next, eyelashes and then wig (if worn).

Time to accessorize!  Top it off with shoes and a bag.

All done!  Time for photos!
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Wearing my new Inspire JSK here with a red belt from Charming Charlie’s.  It’s super hot, so bare arms and little ankle socks with classic pumps!

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