Lolita and the Public

When you where something like this to the movies…


…you are sure to get a reaction.

You hear about negative reactions to Lolita a little bit more loudly than positive ones, mostly because they are usually more colorful than a compliment.  But I have never experienced any negative reactions, if you don’t count mildly rude instances.

I wore the coordinate above to go see The Avengers!  I was going for a bit of an Iron Man inspired coordinate.  I got three notable reactions, all of them pleasantly positive:

1. a teenage scene girl ran over to me and asked “Are you a Lolita?” and I casually told her “yes”.  She smiled and said “You are sooo cute, I just thought you should know.”  And walked away.

2. there was a young family standing near us in line.  the dad was talking to his young daughter and leaned over to say “my daughter wants you to know that she really likes your dress.”  To which I said thank you.

3. one of the movie theater employees came over to me in line and said “Your outfit is fabulous.  I wish more people would dress like you.”  I thanked her.

No one punched me in the face or called me a slut or freak or anything.  And I think that is the general reaction.  I get called “princess” all the time by little girls and appreciative compliments from elderly women.

But I get the best reactions from the employees at higher end stores at the mall.  Black House | White Market, The Limited and Ann Taylor are always the most delighted with my outfits, haha, which makes shopping there very appealing!  I wore this shopping a couple weeks ago and got asked for my business card by all the ladies at the BH | WM, even a couple customers!


Of course, I can one-up that story with one that involved one of my professors when I was in university.

I wore a lot of Lolita and Lolita-inspired things to class, pretty much everyday..  One day, I was feeling a bit lazy and “dressed down” a little bit with a green jumper, tights and boots.  One of my professors came over and told me “I wanted to let you know that I am very concerned about you.”

I was all like “crap crap crap!  what did I do now?!”

And he continued “I mean, you aren’t wearing any big bows, ruffles, baby pink, mint green or poofy skirt.”

So  I pointed out my little, cute hello kitty bow, the tiny bows in my  stockings and my cute bow earrings.  His only reply “It’s not enough.   I’m disappointed.”  When I went full out Lolita the next day he said I  was “acceptable” that I would not be kicked out of school and that I  was not to disappoint him again.

Even my fiancé loves Lolita!  He is always asking me to wear this dress, because it’s his favorite.


He says that when I wear Lolita, he wants to show me off so that everyone knows how cool I am haha.

The only even slightly negative reactions I ever get when wearing Lolita are strange stares and a couple rudely taken photos without permission.  Silly people who think I can’t tell they are taking a picture and not texting.  And when you call them out on it they ignore you and try to get away fast.  Haha, silly people.

All in all, I would say that people appreciate the effort, the modesty and the refreshing style of Lolita.  The negative reaction is rare, even more rare is negative communication to accompany a reaction.

Be yourself.  Be honest with strangers.  Plan out your responses to pictures, compliments and questions.  And do what makes you happy and comfortable.  But don’t let the fear of stranger’s opinions stop you from wearing Lolita, because most likely, they admire you for it.


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