The Last Single Days at Disney

Since my sewing loft, Bernina, Serger and many things without a home are eagerly await my epic sewing desk to arrive and…I still can’t blog about wedding because waiting on pictures, I decided to dazzle you with DISNEY!

Two weeks before the wedding, my amazing Maid of Honor and couple of our good friends went on an adventure to Disney instead of any ol’ silly bachelorette party.  I mean, what could really be better?  And I must say, going back to Disney when you are not a child is something everyone should do.  Even though I grew up 2 hours from Disneyworld, visiting again now that I’m totally an adult was one of the best things ever.  But enough trying to convince you of something that is obvious, here is our trip in pictures!

Oh!  Two more things!  1) my mission for the week was to find and buy as many Alice things as I could.  I found 4 pins and coffee press.  Fine, Disney.  Deny me the opportunity to give you money.  2) wearing Lolita was great but it was sooo hot that I had to re-coordinate to more casual things.  meh, you cannot stop me Florida humidity!

aquin IMG_1847
floridian carosel

Day One) the day we arrived.  Had dinner at the Grand Floridian with Cinderella and her peeps then berated Downtown Disney until the wee hours of the night.  also, it was my friend Lydia’s birthday, so I made her wear the cupcake dress.

IMG_2052 IMG_2067
IMG_2213 IMG_2241

IMG_2294 IMG_2299
IMG_2335 IMG_2360

Day Two) mostly a bunch of Erin being too excited because of Rapunzel.  Who I had a conversation with about how she inspired my wedding.  And we are total besties.  Also, met Cinderella again, but she forgot we had had dinner together the night before.  That’s alright.  And we had lunch at ‘Be Our Guest’ which was pretty much the most magical place ever.  It was a castle.  Beast’s castle.

And a great sunset.  And lanterns.

Day Three) It needs more words.

We went to Hollywood Studios just for this picture and the ride.  Then we went back to the hotel and changed.

IMG_2426 IMG_2425 IMG_2422
So that I could meet Alice.  In a dress.  Which was possibly the most magical thing that happened because she not only overly examined my dress with much enthusiasm, but she then made people walking by look at it.  It was awesome.  Met my fashion guru.
IMG_2429 IMG_2453
And Belle, of course.
IMG_2501 IMG_2508
And then Pooh Bear and Tigger.  And Tigger totally GLOMP-hugged me.  And it was completely precious.

Mostly because my Bestie/MoH, Kara is in love with Pooh.  And it was better than anything when she got this hug.
IMG_2488 IMG_2498

All in all, it was the best bachelorette trip ever and the perfect thing to do in my last single days.

And with any hope, post-singleness will begin to explode on here when my desk and wedding photos arrive.

Until then, sew if you can, and if you can’t like me, look over old memories and photos!  If you’ve ever worn Lolita to Disney, post a picture!  Hopefully it wasn’t too hot for you!


One thought on “The Last Single Days at Disney

  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun!~ 😀 That sounds like an amazing bachelorette trip. I love your casual coordinates! They’re all so cute, even the non-Lolita ones!

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