Traveling in the Ruffles

Someone posted this topic idea for LBC but it wasn’t chosen.  Of course, that didn’t stop me!

Mainly because I have done quite a bit of traveling in Lolita.  Not only by car, but by train and by plane!

Car traveling is the easiest.  Though the difficulty level in increased because of petticoats+wintercoats once it gets cold.  I wore this to one of my first meet-ups and it was pretty cold, but I couldn’t button up my coat successfully because of my fake nails!  So I to drive in the car, continually trying to keep it cold enough that I wouldn’t sweat, but warm enough that my toes and nose didn’t freeze off.  Thankfully, it warmed up by the time we left the art gallery so I didn’t have to worry about putting my coat back on!


Traveling by train is pretty easy.  I mean, it’s like traveling by car except you just sit there with strangers also just sitting there.  I have taken the train into NYC several times in Lolita and I never went super out there, but it was a fine way to travel, except that it’s hard if you are trying to bring more than just a purse and still have your coordinate be put together XP but I never went for longer than a morning-to-midnight trip and this was about as Lolita as I got…


Oh, traveling by plane!  That was such an adventure.  And it made a lot of people smiling.  Not only because I was dressed all cute in my Christmas-Lolita-best, but it was also Christmas Morning!  I was flying to Montreal to spend Christmas with my then-fiancé’s family.  So you can imagine that having to work airport security on Christmas Day can’t be that much fun, but I got the most compliments ever from strangers, I think because I bought the Christmas Spirit with me haha!  The only trouble was that the scanner could not read through my petticoat AT ALL!  And so I had to get a petticoat pat-down.  The woman who did it was so cute, it ended up being just a silly story to tell later.


Traveling in Lolita gives you a lot of stories to tell.  Especially if you were on a plane with grandmas.

Have you ever traveled in Lolita?  What’s the farthest you’ve gone and how did you get there (car, train, plane, etc.)?


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