Dress Plumbing…Piping Tutorial

Long time, no sewing!  But I finally have some fabric, and more than that, I have TIME!

In this tutorial, I’m making some piping for a little tea dress I’m making 🙂

piping (2)

First, we need to make the piping!  Measure the length of the seam you want to piping and then cut your piping-filling to that length.  Cut a matching length of 2″ wide BIAS-CUT (on the diagonal) of the fabric you are using as piping.  If needed, sewing multiple bias strips together.
piping (3)

Next, place your piping-filling in the center of your bias strip and fold in half so edges match, leaving a nice 1″ seam allowance.
piping (4)

Using a zipper foot and a slightly wide stitch (3.80+), stitch snug up against the piping.
piping (5)
 piping (6)

Pin the piping to the RIGHT side of the fabric of the seam you want piped, matching your stitching line on the piping to the garment, as shown.  Keep that zipper foot and baste.
piping (7) piping (8)
piping (9) piping (10)

Now, all that’s left to do is stitch your garment seam together (i.e. bodice to skirt) as you usually would, being mindful of the piping hidden between layers.
piping (1)

Press the seam open, with the piping pressed “up” from the seam and Ta-Da!
piping (2)

Hopefully I will have this dress done so, it’s been a while since I’ve had a new dress to wear!  It has also been frigidly cold so I haven’t been brave enough to wear Lolita, but I’m looking forward to spring.

Oh.  And we’re getting a Corgi puppy.  Be warned.


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