The Invisible Zipper

Invisible zippers may be intimidating as an idea, but they are a great resource and not as scary as you may at first think.
invis zip (2)
When you buy an invisible zipper, it usually comes with instructions, but if you need a little more visual help or lost the little slip of cardboard, I’m here to help!

  1. Get your zipper out and turn on your iron (medium heat)!  Using your fingers to get things going CAREFULLY press the coil of the zipper “open”.
    invis zip (3) invis zip (4) invis zip (5)
  2. Have our garment right side out.  Feel free to stitch up the portion of the garment below where the zipper with stop.
    invis zip (6)
  3. Pin the zipper to the right side of the garment with the coil DOWN and the seam allowances of the zipper and garment matching.  Make sure the zipper is all the way at the top and the excess is turned back.
    invis zip (10) invis zip (9)
  4. Using you zipper foot, stitch down the zipper!  Take your time and keep the coil pushed back as much as you can.  You will need to stitch in the groove RIGHT BEFORE the coil.  Don’t get too close, or the zipper pull will catch on the fabric.  Too far away, and the zipper will show.  Stitch that little tail at the top down as well.
    invis zip (11)
  5. Now, do the same to the opposite side!  Be sure that the bottom of the zipper isn’t twisted weird, but looks like the picture below.
    invis zip (13)
  6. Turn the tail of the zipper to the inside and flip garment inside-out.
    invis zip (14) invis zip (15)
  7. Now for corrections!  Zip the zipper up!  If it catches, that spot will need to be fixed.  When zipper up, look for spots that look like this:
    invis zip (22)
    Make those spots so you can fix them.  You don’t even need to rip out the old stitches!  Just get back on your machine and try again 🙂
    invis zip (23)
  8. If your zipper ends short of the seam, it is an easy fix!  Simply pin the section and hold it taut and flat on the machine with your hand.  The zipper will try to bubble and mess you up, but hold it steady and it’s tamed.
    invis zip (17) invis zip (21)
  9. All done!  It’s like there isn’t even a zipper there!
    invis zip (24)

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