English Breakfast on a Sunday Morning

w00t!  I was so excited to dress up again!  Especially in a new dress.


Excuse my derpy-sleepy face!  My husband took this picture right before leaving for church Sunday morning.  Have I mentioned he is the worship leader?  So we were leaving at 6:45.  Anyways, enough excuses….

I was going for more a 1950’s style with this dress, so it has a high-boat neck sort of style in the front and in the back it dips down lower.  I also didn’t wearing my super poofy petti because I had to play piano, but I was still SUPER excited!  I wore just a simple cardigan and heels with off-brand jewelry and my figure skating tights, because it was freezing outside.

I even did a couple of tutorials while making this dress, such as…

crosshem (1)
Cross-Stitched Hem
invis zip (24)
Invisible Zipper
piping (2)

Can’t wait to get started on my next project!


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