Spring Hath Arrived!

Yay!  Spring is finally here!

Not only do I have the inspiration to take this pup to the park…

…but also to wear Lolita a couple of times!  It is finally warming up and I just recently got my hair ombre’d, so I’m a little bit more than motivated to take advantage of it all by dressing up more often.


First, I broke out my old Novelty dress!  I discovered the hem was uneven (oops!) and took the opportunity to make a few design changes to simplify the dress in the process of fixing the hem.

3 2
I did a fun hairstyle I learn from Lilith Moon that I’m sure to use again with curly hair.

Coordinate Rundown:
JSK: Handmade (Sweetie Pie)
Blouse: Charlotte Russe
Socks: Gifted
Shoes: DSW
Belt: Thrifted
Jewelry: Handmade
Book: Pride and Prejudice, Vintage

My husband and I took Parker on a walk to the pier for some ice cream, but our favorite ice cream parlor hasn’t reopened yet!  We weren’t dismayed, and just grabbed some coffee for our stroll.
I love love love this skirt, but my new boots hadn’t come in yet!  So I just threw something fun together.  This skirt is also shorter than I remember XP but I was excited to wear it again with my Usakumya bag that an old friend gave me a few years ago.
DSCN2361 DSCN2360
It was a bit windy but the puppy enjoyed watching the birds and smelling the lake smells.

Coordinate Rundown
Skirt: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Jacket: Candie’s
Button Camisole: Dillard’s
Socks: Gifted
Boots: Bodyline
Jewelry Forever21

Lastly, my husband took me on a fun “fancy” date to the Melting Pot the other night and I FINALLY got to wear my Musee du Chocolat skirt that I got on our honeymoon!  I had been putting off wearing the skirt because my brown blouse isn’t done/been on hold and I never had a good occasion to super dress up.  But I decided that I WANTED TO WEAR IT!  So I made it work.

Even though I wore boots and a demin blazer, I loved wearing Lolita again.  A few people have called it a “casual Lolita coordinate”, and maybe it is, but it felt like wearing full on Lolita again, even if it wasn’t OTT 🙂

Coordinate Rundown
Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Jacket: Candie’s
Blouse: Forever21
Tights: Claire’s
Boots: Candie’s
Jewelry Premier Designs

I recently got my hair ombre’d and my hairstylist/hairwizard recommended this awesome product:
It is Paul Mitchell Sea Spray for curls and waves and a substitute for hairspray.  It brings out your natural wave, rather than simply gluing curl in place.  I have used it a couple times instead of hairspray after curling and LOVE the effect.  It looks much more natural and relaxed.  Certainly something to look into if you curl your natural hair.

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