LBC: Your Dream Meet-Up

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Your Dream Meet-Up

I love going to meet-ups and I miss my community in North Carolina SO FREAK’N MUCH!  They are such a wonderful community and it saddens me to be so far away and have the weekends always be so busy that I haven’t been able to meet the community in Wisconsin.

So it certainly seems like a time to dream about magical meet-ups.

I love meet-ups where you do more than just shop or eat food, even though those are still amazingly fun!  I like to have time to talk with my fellow Lolitas while we do something.  One meet-up that really sticks out to me is where we went ice skating!  It was the first meet-up that I hosted and, despite the sometimes windiness, it was very unique and fun.

So with that preface, my dream meet-up wouldn’t be something overly specific, but meet certain criteria:

1) Be at one location, or be super close to other locations.
I prefer not to go to one place and then drive twenty minutes to get somewhere else.
Meet-Up MEMORIES!  The ice skating meet-up was in Downtown Raleigh, so when we were done sliding around, we were able to just walk to one of the fanciful restaurants close by.  We ended up eating at the Busy Bee Cafe with rooftop dining!

2) Involve food, but not be about food.
As mentioned, meet-ups that are just a restraunt are nice, but not as nice as doing something else too.  But I reeaaalllly like going out to eat with Lolitas, because I think it’s a good opportunity to just sit and talk without having to be too awkward.Meet-Up MEMORIES!  A really fun meet-up we had was Korean BBQ and then we went to a Korean Karaoke House afterwards, which was a blast!

3) Fit in my budget.
As much as I love splurging now and then, meet-ups are not usually a time when I can afford to spend $50+ unless it’s a swap meet.  So meet-ups where we can do something inexpensive and eat food are GOLDEN in my eyes!  Especially now that I take my honey with me.
Meet-Up MEMORIES!  One time, I hosted a meet-up at the Reynolda House in Winston-Salem, with brunch before hand.  Even though it was already only $10 to get in, we got in free because most of us had student IDs.  Boo-yah for saving student IDs!

4) Be some place new and comfortable.
I love being introduced to new places, and meet-ups are a wonderful opportunity to discover new things.  However, I hate going to meet-ups where the location is too far off the beaten path, someone’s house I’ve never met or in a sketchy part of town.  Even though I’m sure everything is safe and fine, I like to feel comfortable, especially if it is one of my first meet-ups with a community.
Meet-Up MEMORIES!  My first meet-up was at a Harvest Festival, where we went on a hay ride, traveled through a corner maze and then went to the mall afterwards.  It was kind of hard to find, but luckily my GPS was on my side that day.

Anyways, this turned into “Things I Look For In A Meet-Up” but that fits the topic, right?

I hope to be able to attend a meet-up with my new local community soon, but with Animazement around the corner and the big holiday meet-up just passing, it’s easy to miss the North Carolitas.


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4 thoughts on “LBC: Your Dream Meet-Up

  1. I miss you Erin! The Easter meetup was a lot of fun, but big meetups like that always make me miss everyone who has moved away D: These are all excellent things to look for in meetups. The first one strikes me as especially important. Even if things are supposed to end after a few hours, people typically hang out longer, so it’s nice to have somewhere to do that in walking distance!

  2. I could never go ice skating in lolita! I went on an ice skating trip once and I couldn’t get the hang of it at all. The Olympic athletes make it look so easy.
    I didn’t realize the North Carolina lolitas had an active community. We have one girl in our group (southern VA) who lives right past the border of NC but maybe this was a different part of the state?

      1. Ah, I see. I guess in our states it really just depends, because afaik there isn’t a community at all in the western part of VA.

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