2013: Lolita in Review

I read my “Lolita in Review” blog from last year and thought ‘I haven’t done one for 2013!’  So here we go…

IMG_2224 copy
My Valentine’s Day Meet-Up Coordinate was one of my favorites my far!  I was always wary of wearing my red wig with pink dresses, but this worked so well, it surprised me!  I love the simplicity and elegance of this coord.

I wore a coordinate similar to this for my graduation, at least same dress and boots.

Another fun coordinate from early in the year was my steampunk coordinate for a spirit day at school.
I LOVED all of the different elements that I pulled together for this look and I’ll love to do it again, but go further with a wig, more complex hair accessories and layered gloves and tights.

Next came Animazement, which is always a boatload of fun.
This was my favorite coordinate.  I just love it.  I consider this one of the best coordinates I have ever done.  I think it came out looking so classy, fun and different.

My second AZ coordinate was also nice, but I wish I had gone a little further with it.  I think some more dark brown accessories and more of an actual hair style would have really helped this coord look more pulled together.

And my final coord that I will acknowledge is…
From my Bachelorette Disney Weekend!  It was SO hot in Florida, but we went for dinner at the Grand Floridian our first night in (with Cinderella, I might add) and so it gave me an opportunity to dress up with one of my favorite high-waisted skirts.  It was a fairly simply black and white coordinate with some red accents, but it came out looking so classy and fun.  This amazing photo by one of my friends helped too. ❤

Here are a few of my other coordinates from 2013 that I love and thought were worth showing…

  IMG_2336 IMG_2349 IMG_2409  IMG_2678b IMG_2752 IMG_6814c

Even though it’s May, what was you 2013 Lolita in Review?


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