LBC: Three Favorite Pairs of Shoes

This week’s topic is…

You’re Three Favorite Paris of Shoes for Lolita


My favorite pair of shoes, above all others, undoubtedly, are my vintage Victorian boots.  A friend found them at a thrift store but they were too small for her so she gave them to me.  They go so well with so many coordinates and add a more mature, classy feel.

IMG_2224 copy 976674_10101235729624839_1607105821_o IMG_2638


My second most worn and most fabulous shoes are these classy little black heels that I got years and years ago.  I have had to get them re-soled and touched up once or twice, but they never fail me.  I can wear them for HOURS, literally, all day if I need to, without my feet feeling sore.  They also go very well with almost anything that has black in it.

reynolda aristocracy IMG_1806 IMG_2221


And finally, my bodyline black shoes.  I need more color variety, haha.  But I just love these shoes!  I love the way the straps cross and all of the bows.  I think they achieve looking both cute and classy, not too over the top, but with some very nice design choices that make them work well for sweet and gothic coordinates.  They are also my go-to Alice shoes.

Img_0935 Img_0496 IMG_1919


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