The Lost Confidence

Ever since moving, I’ve found hardly any opportunities to wear lolita.  I’m sure the new location half-way across the country has a lot to do with it; wearing lolita in a small town is a lot more intimidating than wearing lolita in a metropolis it turns out.  Even though my husband is sweet and always encouraging me to dress up more often, half the time I end of changing after pictures when we leave for dinner or a movie.

Have I lost my Lolita Confidence?

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The absence of a local community seems to also be a big factor.  There is one that meets about an hour away, but being so involved with church – my husband is the Worship Director – weekends are never good for our one-car schedule.  So without the monthly excuse to go over the top in lolita in my local downtown, it’s even more of a challenge to find the motivation/courage to get super dressed up.

Of course, I’m sure it wouldn’t be much different wearing lolita here and now from wearing it there and then, but it’s a bump I haven’t been able to get over.

Perhaps I’m just homesick, but I miss wearing lolita more often.


6 thoughts on “The Lost Confidence

  1. Hope you feel more settled in soon. I really hate moving. And packing. And unpacking. The whole experience is no fun! I miss living in a small town, but I was pretty used to shocking people or having others look over my odd behaviour. The best thing about small towns is that once you get to know everyone you are pretty much set. A few months from now, after you get to know people, they will be like, “Who is that girl in the weird dress?” “Oh, that is just the new gal, she is sweet. Just likes eccentric clothing!” ❤

  2. I live in a small town too and I find that while I don’t currently wear lolita, the people in my town probably woudln’t bat an eye at anything. I feel strange just going out in normal dresses sometimes.

    Moving is always tough, but after a few weeks you will be all settled in. It just gets some getting used to.

  3. I’m new to wearing lolita outside and I’ve been struggling with finding the confidence to wear it more often too:/ I hope that we both gain more confidence with it soon!

  4. The sooner you start wearing lolita clothes the easier it will probably be. People don’t know you yet so they don’t have so many expectations for you and your style. If they get to know you as the normal maybe even plain looking woman they will surely be shocked if you suddenly turn into a gorgeous lolita whose style is over the top from head to toes. When I graduated from high school and went to university of applied sciences I found out that it’s very much easier to wear lolita clothes when I meet people for the first time (or soon after it) than having a full lolita outfit when I’m spending time with my old friends who have never seen me wearing anything like that before (even though I know that they don’t care that much about what I’m wearing).

    1. Very helpful and good tips! Unfortunately, I’ve already been here 6 months haha but I think I’m gonna just have to take the plunge next time I go out! Thank you so much for your insight and encouragement!

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