It’s Snowing! Spontaneous Photoshoot

This marks “Wear Lolita 5 Times” time #2…

Woke up and had my day canceled because North Carolina people do not know how to life when it snows. But! The beautiful snow meant pretty pictures! So I got dressed as fast a possible and did my face – which didn’t last too long because it was so cold I was crying! – and then we ran outside!

Here are some of the shots my hubby took, with my eyes touched up because my mascara rebelled against me when it realized how cold it was outside.



Coordinate Rundown:
JSK, Underskirt, Blouse, Bow: Handmade
Socks: Gift
Boots, Coat, Earmuffs: Bodyline
Parasol: Vintage

A pretty simple coordinate, but it was fun to get to wear some of my older things again!

DSCN4015 DSCN4010b DSCN4004DSCN4008   DSCN3995b

8 thoughts on “It’s Snowing! Spontaneous Photoshoot

  1. Omg! You’re from NC!?! Me too!!! I’m obsessed with Lolita and I’m in the RDC area. I’m getting close to make my first outfit and I’m so excited XD thanks for the all the tutorials and repping for the Handmade Lolitas!
    P.S. I didn’t go to school because of the “snow” that week—that’s the difference between NC and some place like Buffalo. If Buffalo gets 13 inches snow, freezing rain, and hailing cows, the kids still have to trudge through that ish. In NC…”There has been reportings of 1 inch of snow on 70—life is just done:)”

    1. We just moved back from Wisconsin, so I know exactly what you are talking about! The NorthCarolita group is amazing, very friendly and wonderful 🙂 Be sure to join the group on Facebook! If you need any help with anything, shoot me a message!

      1. Oh thanks so much! I’m getting close to scraping up enough money for a skirt ( I wanna take it sloooowww) and I’m thinking about using 3 yards or more of fabric (my waist is 27.5 inches). Do you think I should do a muslin sample first for the skirt and when I attatched the waistband, do I put the gathered skirt part over the waistband (to wear there are no seams shown) or sandwhich the gathered part between the fold on the waistband and then sew it down? And do you know how to do a half-elastic waistband? (I’m sorry to bombard you with some many questions but I really want to do this right and I’m going to be a fashion designer so sewing is my life and lover :))

        P.S. I just remembered my best friend moved from Milwaukee to NC before she met me in 7th grade. Wow…the irony.

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