Oh My! What A Flattering Waistband

I couldn’t find any good brown fabric at JoAnn’s (and I have a gift card, so I wasn’t going to look anywhere else until it’s all used up!) but I did find these amazing fabrics instead:

shaped waistband (6)

I quickly figured out the skirt I was going to make and patterned the skirt gores. I would use the blue dragonfly fabric for the main skirt and the red for the wide, shaped waistband and either a band or ruffles on the hem.

shaped waistband (1) shaped waistband (2)

In this tutorial, I will show you how to best achieve that shaped waistband.

1. Pattern! Draw out the shape of the pattern in as many pieces as you will need. I will be using two pattern pieces, a Front and a B. The shape I am going for is drawn on the front pattern piece, a little sweetheart curve. The back will be a straight, wide band. Since I will have a center back closure with a zipper, I folded the back pattern in half for use.
shaped waistband (26)

2. Cut it all out! Two of each piece will be needed, one for the right side and one for the facing. Also cut each piece once out of interfacing. You can use any stiff material, but I am using fusible heavy interfacing so the shape of the waistband will be very stiff and confident.

shaped waistband (4)  shaped waistband (13)

3. Iron or stitch (or both if you are me) the interfacing to your facing pieces.

shaped waistband (14) shaped waistband (15) shaped waistband (17)

4. Stitch the facing pieces together, end to end. Do the same to the fashion pieces.

shaped waistband (18)

5. Put right sides together for the facing and fashion waistbands and stitch along the top. Be careful not to stitch on the interfacing, but just outside it.

shaped waistband (20)

6. Pink the edges short (1/4″) and clip any points.

shaped waistband (21)

7. Turn and iron the waistband top edge. The interfacing will give this edge a very stiff and definite shape.

shaped waistband (23)

8. Top stitch close to the edge and you are ready to add this waistband to your skirt!

shaped waistband (24)

I have a tutorial for generic waistbands HERE if you need a refresher 🙂

Now that I have the waistband all ready to go, I just need to decide what to do with the skirt!

Pleats? Double Pleats? Gathered? I can’t decide!

 shaped waistband (25)

Time to bake a cheesecake and think it over.

3 thoughts on “Oh My! What A Flattering Waistband

  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial, Ima! I’ve been dying for a heart-shaped waistband since I saw a girl using it ages ago, and your tutorial makes it look so simple! I’m gonna try this for sure 🙂

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