A Little Fairy Cottage

I had the wonderful opportunity to work as a cutter for SEWquirkygrrrl’s Tina Given’s fabric pop-up shop last month and got some really cute fabric! Although I have been busy busy busy sewing those ball gowns, I have been blessed to also find some break time to sew for myself. For whatever reason, sewing for a job makes me more motivated to sew for myself…even though it’s more sewing. I like sewing.


So far, I have made three out of the four garments, but only have pictures of two so far! First, my more recent project, is the Fairy Cottage dress!


A-line dresses have been a little bit of a new love of mine, as I can wear them extremely often and have the novelty vibe that I get from Lolita without dressing up quite as much. This dress uses a pattern that I made a while ago, and have made four dresses from, but each time the dresses are a little bit different!

Β 11011197_10207267584867681_9160062070611135191_n

My pink Elephants dress (which uses the Tina Givens fabric!) uses the same pattern, but with a fuller skirt, little puff sleeves, and waist ties.


My Scissors dress – which I need some better pictures of – used the pattern, but there is a gathered neckline, an empire waistline and is sleeves.

The fourth dress, which I don’t have a picture of, has cap sleeves and a giant bow on the front.

But! I did make a cute, pleated Lolita skirt from the bunny fabric, which I will show as soon as I coordinate and wear it, and I plan on making a quite adorable Lolita dress with the green fairy/bear fabric. Hopefully that dress will provide some tutorials, so keep sending me ideas and I will integrate them into the design!

I hope everyone is doing well and I’d love for you to share pictures of the projects you have been working on!


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