Gathered Front Bodice


I finally landed on a design for my Tina Givens Fairy Bear fabric, and it will provide me with a few tutorials to share with you:
-Gathered Front Bodice (that’s this post!)
-Lined Bodice
-Whatever Else Pops Up 😉

In this blog, I’ll be doing a tutorial for the design on the front of the dress:
gfb (12)

I’ll be adding some cute little buttons to the front here!

Let’s begin!

  1. Assuming you have a front bodice pattern with a center-front section…
    Take the Center Front (CF) bodice pattern and extend it’s length by at least two.gfb (1)
    If it is shaped, copy the pattern, cut it into a minimum of 5 pieces and spread the pieces out vertically, evenly spaced, to create the lengthened pattern piece.
  2. Cut out the extended pattern out of your fashion fabric. Make sure to mark the exact center of the fabric.
    gfb (4)
    If your garment is lined, cut the original piece out of lining. Otherwise, cut a piece of twill tape or ribbon to the length of the original CF piece.
    gfb (2)
  3. Depending on how you are finishing the neck edge of your bodice, you may want to finish off the top edge of the CF piece before moving forward.
    gfb (3)
  4. Stitch two rows of gathering stitches (longest stitch length) down the center and side seams of the piece.
    gfb (5)
  5. Gather the side seams to mark the Side Front pieces and stitch. Press open seams.
    gfb (6)
     gfb (7)
  6. Gather the center down to either the CF lining piece or the twill tape and stitch.
    gfb (8) gfb (10)
  7. Remove your gathering stitches and you’re ready to add the skirt!
    gfb (12)

Ta-Da! I’ll be adding buttons to the front over the gathering to finish it up. A variation of this you could do is to gather the CF gathers into bursts where you stitch the buttons.

And if you can see that little trim I put over the bias tape, it was such a find! The JoAnn’s near my home has recently started a bargain bin with lace and trims!
I’m pretty excited about it.

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