Halloween is right around the corner and usually I ignore preparations for this holiday and pull out my good and trust Alice Lolita if the opportunity to dress up presents itself.

But this year, my husband and I will be attending a super Halloween party, complete with costume contests, and the pressure is on. This, partnered with my interest in making some RenFest costumes, seemed like some good motivation to build costumes for my husband and myself.

Lately, I’ve been busy sewing two commissions (four garments total), altering many, many bridesmaid dresses, and designing and building costumes for “Through the Looking Glass”. Aside from sewing things, I have also been editing my second novel, The Varken, and working out the kinks of the musical my husband and I wrote. There hasn’t been much time to sew on personal projects.

So when the Halloween party invite showed up on Facebook, I thought I should take advantage of the occasion and use up some of my fabric hording (since upholstery fabric usually isn’t best for Lolita.


We narrowed it down to an Assassin’s Creed “Ezio” inspired costume for Jeremy, and a Renaissance fae costume for me.

Due to fabric availability and my desire to buy as little as possible for these costumes, my “dress” will be a skirt and sleeves with a leather bodice worn over a chemise I already have. In fact, this costume is actually half-way done since I had a day off on Sunday.

wpid-wp-1442784630375.jpg wpid-wp-1442784664904.jpg

It was helpful that I was able to draft a very simple reliable pattern for the bodice and sleeves quickly. Since the bodice is made of some fun faux leather, I wanted to keep the style lines simple and straight. The sleeve is a fake two-piece sleeve, because my fabric is limited, so that they can have a little more poof for the chemise sleeves to show through along the back of the arm.


And now it’s just a matter of finding some time!

I did, however, get paid in fabric again for a little project from my mom! I’ll post pictures of that along with the plans for it soon, although there are so many things on my plate right now, who knows when that will happen!

So, how about you? Finding time to work on personal projects? What about Halloween costume plans? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Halloscream

  1. Hi Erin:) Are you still in Lolita? I’m kind of scared because you haven’t been posting lately and I really love seeing your projects! On ILD, I was hoping to see you at meet in NC, but my friend was low on cash so we didn’t go unfortunately. Also, I finished my cherry lolita skirt and thank you for the tips! I’m now onto pattern drafting for blouses and quit honestly…it sucks. It may be something I’m going to have to get used to at fashion school, but anything dealing with torso is not my strong suit DX. Would you mind doing a button up blouse tutorial with a peter pan collar?Anyway, keep up the amazing work!

    1. Hi Blair! I do still wear Lolita, but I am working quite heavily at a theatre where I teach, direct and design, so for practical reasons, I can’t wear it as often unfortunately. So a lot of times when I wear Lolita, it is more casual unless I’m going to see a show or out on a date with my hubby. I also have a lot of commission work, which is wonderful but cuts back on how much I sew for myself unfortunately. Once the summer ends (I’m in the middle of directing the big summer musical) and I have a better grip on my fall schedule, I’m hoping to get a post up, so I’ll put that tutorial on my list to make it one of the first things I do! Blouses can be much for difficult as there are more curves to work with, but once you get the basics down, it’s easier to move into more complicated things 🙂

      1. Oh, that’s great! My heat is pretty much set on fashion design, but costume design sounds pretty fun too (irl I’d probably just use it as an excuse to make cosplay and poke bonnets XD). Good luck with your show and your book! And yeah, I’ve found that blouses are the harder thing to create in Lolita because I have to transform waist darts into fisheye darts or princess seam so the construction doesn’t look off. Then there’s making a placket, collar, collar stand, ruffle for the plackt and collar stand and puff sleeves when I detest gathering! I feel very relieved that you haven’t went away because I feel like I know what to do, but have no idea how to do it 😛

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