FYeahLolita: 5 Hard Things About Lolita

Just sharing a quick link to another blog that gives a very realistic look at Lolita, and in that way I found it very relate-able and encouraging to read something “telling it as it is” for realistic expectations.

I hope you will find it interesting and encouraging as well!

It’s Snowing! Spontaneous Photoshoot

This marks “Wear Lolita 5 Times” time #2…

Woke up and had my day canceled because North Carolina people do not know how to life when it snows. But! The beautiful snow meant pretty pictures! So I got dressed as fast a possible and did my face – which didn’t last too long because it was so cold I was crying! – and then we ran outside!

Here are some of the shots my hubby took, with my eyes touched up because my mascara rebelled against me when it realized how cold it was outside.

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2014: Lolita in Review

2014 was a year of few Lolita coordinates sadly. But, the dresses that I did sew, I love. And the coordinates I managed to wear made I feel like a princess again. How about we travel backwards through time…

This last dress and coordinate were top-notch for me. I adored how this dress turned out and being able to head down to the pier for some fantastic photos was so great, even if it was a bit windy. Continue reading

Paris by the Sea


I finally got an opportunity to wear my new JSK, Paris by the Sea!

The coordinate consisted of:

JSK: Sweetie Pie; Handmade
Blouse: Forever21
Boots: Vintage
Jacket: Thrifted
Jewelry: Handmade

I was excited to wear this coordinate down to Lake Michigan for a photoshoot on the north pier by the lighthouse!  It was perfect weather and got so many beautiful shots.  Plus, I now have Adobe Lightroom!  So editing them was almost as much fun as taking them (but not quite, not really close but still tons of fun!) Continue reading

The Lost Confidence

Ever since moving, I’ve found hardly any opportunities to wear lolita.  I’m sure the new location half-way across the country has a lot to do with it; wearing lolita in a small town is a lot more intimidating than wearing lolita in a metropolis it turns out.  Even though my husband is sweet and always encouraging me to dress up more often, half the time I end of changing after pictures when we leave for dinner or a movie.

Have I lost my Lolita Confidence?

0 (5)

The absence of a local community seems to also be a big factor.  There is one that meets about an hour away, but being so involved with church – my husband is the Worship Director – weekends are never good for our one-car schedule.  So without the monthly excuse to go over the top in lolita in my local downtown, it’s even more of a challenge to find the motivation/courage to get super dressed up.

Of course, I’m sure it wouldn’t be much different wearing lolita here and now from wearing it there and then, but it’s a bump I haven’t been able to get over.

Perhaps I’m just homesick, but I miss wearing lolita more often.

2013: Lolita in Review

I read my “Lolita in Review” blog from last year and thought ‘I haven’t done one for 2013!’  So here we go…

IMG_2224 copy
My Valentine’s Day Meet-Up Coordinate was one of my favorites my far!  I was always wary of wearing my red wig with pink dresses, but this worked so well, it surprised me!  I love the simplicity and elegance of this coord.

I wore a coordinate similar to this for my graduation, at least same dress and boots. Continue reading

LBC: Your Dream Meet-Up

This week’s topic is…

Your Dream Meet-Up

I love going to meet-ups and I miss my community in North Carolina SO FREAK’N MUCH!  They are such a wonderful community and it saddens me to be so far away and have the weekends always be so busy that I haven’t been able to meet the community in Wisconsin.

So it certainly seems like a time to dream about magical meet-ups.

I love meet-ups where you do more than just shop or eat food, even though those are still amazingly fun!  I like to have time to talk with my fellow Lolitas while we do something.  One meet-up that really sticks out to me is where we went ice skating!  It was the first meet-up that I hosted and, despite the sometimes windiness, it was very unique and fun.

So with that preface, my dream meet-up wouldn’t be something overly specific, but meet certain criteria: Continue reading

Spring Hath Arrived!

Yay!  Spring is finally here!

Not only do I have the inspiration to take this pup to the park…

…but also to wear Lolita a couple of times!  It is finally warming up and I just recently got my hair ombre’d, so I’m a little bit more than motivated to take advantage of it all by dressing up more often.


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