Lolita Carnival Blog: Your First Lolita Item

This week’s topic is…

Your First Lolita Item

So I will talk about my first TWO Lolita items (because I’m a rebel): the 1st thing I made, and my 1st brand item.

The first Lolita item I ever made was this OP


Despite some of it’s rocky design choices, I still really love it.  I don’t wear it hardly anymore, but it holds a special place in my heart.  I would love to do tiered circle ruffles again like this in a more country or classic style, but they take up SO MUCH FABRIC haha.  Anyways, even though I still hadn’t met the wonderful North Carolitas when I first wore Lolita to Animazement, it was a fond memory and – luckily – not a complete embarrassment.


My first brand item was my Usakumya bag, which my college roommate gave me one year for my birthday.  It was such a special gift, a sweet memory and an amazing item to receive.  Even though it took me a moment to get over that fact that you pull back the bunny hood and unzip into the bear’s brains to open the bag, I still think that it is a very elegant and wonderful addition to coordinates.  I sometimes think that stuff animal bags can be a bit creepy, but not this one…maybe because it was my first brand item.


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The Maiden’s Requiem

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Sweetie Pie makes garments that express your personality, fit your style and show your passions!
Whether you have an idea for a Lolita dress that you wish could be realized, a classical concert featuring your favorite composer or just wish you could have a skirt with the Tardis all over it, Sweetie Pie can make your couture dreams a reality.

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Sweetie Pie is the perfect choice to have your dream Lolita dress, cosplay or special occasion gown made!
Sweetie Pie specializes in custom-designed, custom-fitted, unique, one-of-a-kind garments.
Every one is different and Sweetie Pie wants to help you celebrate your individuality and passions.

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JSK: The Maiden’s Reqiuem
Blouse: Forever21
Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs
Thigh-Highs: SockDreams
Shoes: Forever21
Gloves: Claire’s
Bloomers: Handmade
Petticoat: Classical Puppets

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My husband was an amazing help taking pictures for me and I appreciate his sincerity, diligence and patience!


Nothing happening here really…


I just FINALLY made a new dress.  Married life is busy.  Especially when your husband works at a church.

Anyways, I FINALLY made this dress that I bought fabric for AGES ago and then I had to wait a couple weeks to find an opportunity to wear it!  Life is crazy.  But here is my new dress!


Oh, and that is my BEAUTIFUL new dress form, Ellie!

And we went to see the Hunger Games/Catching Fire Marathon tonight, so I went with black because I wasn’t prepared to go sweet with red or look like Young Mrs. Claus.

DSCN0301 DSCN0302

That’s all.

I have a Belle cosplay and some aprons to finish now!

Lolita Blog Carnival: My Family And Lolita

This week’s topic is…

What My Family Thinks About Lolita Fashion.

This picture pretty much tells you everything you need to know.
Overall.  They love it.

My mom is always asking to come to meet-ups with me and wanting to dress up in Lolita.  I know she isn’t completely serious, but she thinks it is so cute and cool.  Especially when she tries to explain it to people.  She always says “Lolita” like it is the most haute-couture clothing out there.

My dad, of course, loves it mainly because of the modesty thing haha.  He says that if there was any fashion ‘trend’ to following, it would be Lolita because it’s ladylike, beautiful and unique.  He’s a dad through and through.  And though they don’t buy me a lot of Lolita, he was really happy to be able to get one of my dream dresses for me last Christmas. because he knew I could love having not just any brand, but a dress I had been pinning after.


Lastly, my husband loves it when I dress up in Lolita.  Whenever I want to dress up in Lolita, he takes me out for a fun date because he likes to show me off.  He says that I look untouchable in Lolita, like a princess, and I make him look cool haha (even though I think he is cool already!)  He loves buying me fabric and Lolita because he knows how happy it makes me and how much I love having something to sew and opportunities to dress up.

My brother thinks it’s whatever.  He literally has no opinion about clothes.

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The Sewing Loft

My husband got me an AMAZING camera for my birthday, so I am finally able to take pictures of my sewing loft!  Yay!

The Sewing Loft!

DSCN0045 DSCN0054
The Lolita Closet Corner.  Yes, I finally have a closet just for Lolita!  And my wig gets to sit on that bucket full of fabric.  Cie la vie, wig head.

DSCN0055 DSCN0056
Shoes in nice neat rows and a drawer bin for all of my socks and blouses with my purses on top!  And then my hat box with bonnet, glove collection, parasols, the bloomers basket and a bag with extra goodies…like solid colored tights and fishnets.

 DSCN0058 DSCN0062
The Bookshelf is only half bookshelf.  The rest is fabric and ribbons and interfacing and tulle and more fabrics.  There is also a basket with alllll my sketchbooks (right by the coloring books), all my sewing books and another basket with all of my patterns organized into those manila folder things.



Finally got a good, dry-erase, Kitty calendar and my bulletin board of all things organized!

DSCN0073 DSCN0072
More things organized!  Also, my GLBs and devotional things.

DSCN0067 DSCN0069
And I found an awesome new way to hold all my shears and scissors: pencil organizer!  It’s awesome.  And my cupcake full of nails and eyelashes and wig caps.  And then I have this basket with tons of shapies and pencils and tape and candy and wands and a princess box with safety pins and super glue and stuffs.

Yay!  It is quite exciting.  Especially since I have this AWESOMELY fun commission right now.  I’ll share some more on that later.

What do your sewing and/or Lolita spaces look like?

Bonus Wedding Picture!
Photo by the lovely and amazing Kristin Shyla Photography.

Traveling in the Ruffles

Someone posted this topic idea for LBC but it wasn’t chosen.  Of course, that didn’t stop me!

Mainly because I have done quite a bit of traveling in Lolita.  Not only by car, but by train and by plane!

Car traveling is the easiest.  Though the difficulty level in increased because of petticoats+wintercoats once it gets cold.  I wore this to one of my first meet-ups and it was pretty cold, but I couldn’t button up my coat successfully because of my fake nails!  So I to drive in the car, continually trying to keep it cold enough that I wouldn’t sweat, but warm enough that my toes and nose didn’t freeze off.  Thankfully, it warmed up by the time we left the art gallery so I didn’t have to worry about putting my coat back on!


Traveling by train is pretty easy.  I mean, it’s like traveling by car except you just sit there with strangers also just sitting there.  I have taken the train into NYC several times in Lolita and I never went super out there, but it was a fine way to travel, except that it’s hard if you are trying to bring more than just a purse and still have your coordinate be put together XP but I never went for longer than a morning-to-midnight trip and this was about as Lolita as I got…


Oh, traveling by plane!  That was such an adventure.  And it made a lot of people smiling.  Not only because I was dressed all cute in my Christmas-Lolita-best, but it was also Christmas Morning!  I was flying to Montreal to spend Christmas with my then-fiancé’s family.  So you can imagine that having to work airport security on Christmas Day can’t be that much fun, but I got the most compliments ever from strangers, I think because I bought the Christmas Spirit with me haha!  The only trouble was that the scanner could not read through my petticoat AT ALL!  And so I had to get a petticoat pat-down.  The woman who did it was so cute, it ended up being just a silly story to tell later.


Traveling in Lolita gives you a lot of stories to tell.  Especially if you were on a plane with grandmas.

Have you ever traveled in Lolita?  What’s the farthest you’ve gone and how did you get there (car, train, plane, etc.)?

Lolita Blog Carnival: Three Secrets for a New Lolita

This week’s topic is…

Three Secrets for Someone Getting Into Lolita.

Blog break!  I think this is a great topic, because even though most Lolitas would give the exact same advice, when you are looking to start wearing Lolita, hearing the same thing from a bunch of different people really helps boost confidence.  So here are the top three secrets to launch you towards being a cute, frilly Lolita!

Secret One) Read up before you dress up.
You have heard it a million times before, but you need to hear it one more: RESEARCH!  Lolita is a complicated fashion and it is the hubris of many new Lolitas to jump into it before really understanding it.  Of course, the most truly enthusiastic Lolitas will know not only the “rules”, current trends and a complete history, and it’s not a bad idea.  If you can get your hands on a couple Gothic & Lolita Bibles, this will be of great help!  They aren’t called “Bibles” for nothing.  The more you know, the father you’ll go!  There is some weird stuff you may see from time to time that isn’t exactly Lolita-kosher and you want to be able to pick those things out, instead of seeing one Lolita with massive legwarmers and thinking that is a “Lolita thing”.  If you do your research, you’ll know whether or not massive anime legwarmers are actually acceptable.

Secret Two) You need to learn the rules before you can break them.
Yes, it’s true.  The rules are more like guidelines, but that does not make them obsolete!  Basic “rules” would include: modesty (not bare shoulders, cleavage, too much leg, bloomers), silhouette (petticoat) and style (sweet, classic, gothic, etc.).  One a hot summer day, no one is going to judge you for forgoing a blouse or bloomers.  Or you choose a more low-key A-line petti instead of a super cupcake one.  Or you even try something new, like Math Lolita.  Whatever, you get the picture.  And all these things are totally cool to do.  Everyone does it and everyone understands.  But, don’t go too far.  If you can get down a few basic, complete, perfect coordinates, you will have a much stronger start and not come off looking like an ita.  Then, this basic understanding of what Lolita is, you can start tweeking it.

Secret Three) Fitting in isn’t just about your fashion.
Going to your first meet-up can be scary.  (I’ll admit, meeting a new community is intimidating!)  But there is one thing that stands out the most to me about being a newbie and meeting newbies: don’t be a special snowflake.  I was highly aware of this the first time I met the North Carolitas because I wore handmade, and I didn’t want to be perceived as having a special snowflake attitude because “I made this!”  As I have said before, I love brand and I love sewing, so it gives me different ways to build my wardrobe.  I love it when new Lolitas come to a meet-up and they are clearly excited, not only to be wearing Lolita in public but also to be meeting others with the same fashion interest.  The biggest turn-off isn’t a Lolita who has no brand or no petticoat, but the Lolita who prides herself on having no brand or no petticoat.

Humility is the secret.

Ask for help from local Lolitas or on EGL!  Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism on Daily Lolita!  Never assume you understand Lolita, there is always some hidden gem from 2005 that you can learn about the fashion’s history.  Lolita is a fashion first, but an attitude to learn is more attractive than the latest print.

And another little secret surprise!  Here is me at my first meet-up!

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Lolita and the Public

When you where something like this to the movies…


…you are sure to get a reaction.

You hear about negative reactions to Lolita a little bit more loudly than positive ones, mostly because they are usually more colorful than a compliment.  But I have never experienced any negative reactions, if you don’t count mildly rude instances.

I wore the coordinate above to go see The Avengers!  I was going for a bit of an Iron Man inspired coordinate.  I got three notable reactions, all of them pleasantly positive:

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Lolita Blog Carnival: Your Process for Dressing in Lolita

This week’s Lolita Blog Carnival Topic is…

Your Process for Dressing in Lolita!

 Second suggested topic ftw!  This is a really fun topic because it gives me an excuse to get dressed up!  I’m not having as many opportunities this summer to dress up, and not just because of the heat!

Anyways, this is my process for dressing up in Lolita…

First, of course, I make sure my outfit is coordinated: clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, etc.  If I want to make changes later, that’s fine but I like having a starting point!  Also, if I am styling my wig any special way, I will do that on the head before I put it on.

Second, I do my make-up, all except for eyelashes if I am wearing them.  Cream foundation first, then finishing powder.  Eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara.  Blush to finish it off!  I save lips for veeery last before photos so it’s fresh and shiny.

Next is my hair!  If I am wearing a wig, I will prep my hair.  My wig prep is very easy and makes your wig look most natural, even with long hair!  Interested in the best way to prep your hair for a wig, I have a tutorial for that!

If no wig, like today, then I style my hair whichever way.  Today, for a fun summer day, I went with just curly-wavy, accomplished via braided wet hair.  Super easy to create and style!

Now I’ll get dressed.  Blouse and tights first – if I’m wearing them – and bloomers.  This way I can tuck my blouse into my tights and bloomers so that it stays pulled down and smooth.  Then I’ll put on my JSK and pull on my petticoat.

Next, eyelashes and then wig (if worn).

Time to accessorize!  Top it off with shoes and a bag.

All done!  Time for photos!
6a copy 4a

Wearing my new Inspire JSK here with a red belt from Charming Charlie’s.  It’s super hot, so bare arms and little ankle socks with classic pumps!

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