Gathered Front Bodice


I finally landed on a design for my Tina Givens Fairy Bear fabric, and it will provide me with a few tutorials to share with you:
-Gathered Front Bodice (that’s this post!)
-Lined Bodice
-Whatever Else Pops Up 😉

In this blog, I’ll be doing a tutorial for the design on the front of the dress:
gfb (12) Continue reading


A Little Fairy Cottage

I had the wonderful opportunity to work as a cutter for SEWquirkygrrrl’s Tina Given’s fabric pop-up shop last month and got some really cute fabric! Although I have been busy busy busy sewing those ball gowns, I have been blessed to also find some break time to sew for myself. For whatever reason, sewing for a job makes me more motivated to sew for myself…even though it’s more sewing. I like sewing.


So far, I have made three out of the four garments, but only have pictures of two so far! First, my more recent project, is the Fairy Cottage dress! Continue reading

I’m Not Dead! Just Busy

I just wanted to give you all a little update post! I have been so busy this spring-summer on theatre stuff and custom commissions that I haven’t had time to do more tutorials! But I am hoping to get some up as soon as I have more time for personal projects. For now, here’s a little gallery of what I have been up to, and if it gives you an idea for something you’d love to learn how to do, let me know in the comments!

11147200_779767568809559_7461221773472237830_nIMG_20150629_175744IMG_20150620_173609IMG_20150623_145419 Continue reading