Lolita Carnival Blog: Your First Lolita Item

This week’s topic is…

Your First Lolita Item

So I will talk about my first TWO Lolita items (because I’m a rebel): the 1st thing I made, and my 1st brand item.

The first Lolita item I ever made was this OP


Despite some of it’s rocky design choices, I still really love it.  I don’t wear it hardly anymore, but it holds a special place in my heart.  I would love to do tiered circle ruffles again like this in a more country or classic style, but they take up SO MUCH FABRIC haha.  Anyways, even though I still hadn’t met the wonderful North Carolitas when I first wore Lolita to Animazement, it was a fond memory and – luckily – not a complete embarrassment.


My first brand item was my Usakumya bag, which my college roommate gave me one year for my birthday.  It was such a special gift, a sweet memory and an amazing item to receive.  Even though it took me a moment to get over that fact that you pull back the bunny hood and unzip into the bear’s brains to open the bag, I still think that it is a very elegant and wonderful addition to coordinates.  I sometimes think that stuff animal bags can be a bit creepy, but not this one…maybe because it was my first brand item.


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Honeymoon Goodies and Ice Cream

On our honeymoon, we went to San Jose and San Francisco.  Jeremy saw right through my reasonings for this destination because he knew that Baby the Stars Shine Bright AND Angelic Pretty had shops there.  Needless to say, he knew it would be hard to convince me to go some place else.

We had decided on a budget for Lolita shopping and we went to the Angelic Pretty/Harajuku Hearts store first.  It.  Was.  Very.  Exciting.


He treated me to a pair of Enchantlic Enchantilly socks that I have been drooling over for…let’s see…FOREVER!  And a skirt.  But not just any skirt.  A New Print.  Which was quite the exciting event.  Though I held in my excited, maniacal laughter until we left the store.  It is the Musee du Chocolat skirt in Ivory.   The last one.  *angels singing*

Thus, the budget was spent.  As we began walking to the Baby store, I tried to concentrate on the spoils of war that I had just acquired when Jeremy told me “you know what, we can eat at Chipotle twice today instead of that fancy dinner if you want to get something else from Baby.”  I was like “um, yes!  Chipotle twice in one day sounds absolutely fabulous.”


Thus, I was able to get an incredible Alice skirt – Alice’s Mirage in PARADOX.  It has three things I love: Military Buttons on the front, Diamond Plaid and Alice in Wonderland-ness.  This is a really fun, unique print because it doesn’t have the typical Alice and Cats theme.  I has mirrors – yay, mirrors! – with more uncommon Alice things like the White Queen chess piece, Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum and the Jabberwocky poem.  It was exciting.  And I got some drippy chocolate socks because…Chocolate.

Anyways, so that was an incredible highlight to our two week Honeymoon vacation.  The other highlight was Chipotle.  Every.  Day.  Yes.

When we got to Sheboygan – that’s where I live now – there was so much unpacking and moving and house-shopping and stuff to do that I didn’t get a chance to wear any of my new items!  Then we decided to go get ice cream.  At the pier.  Yum!  So I got to dress up!  yay!  Unfortunately, I lost my camera just before the wedding, so we are saving up to get a new one and but Jeremy still took some foggy, low-res photos with his phone.

WP_20131003_003 WP_20131003_004 copy

Jacket: Macy’s
Tank Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: “Alice’s Mirage in PARADOX” from BtSSB
Socks: “Sweets Choco” from BtSSB
Boots: Bodyline (and boy do I need to repaint them)

Something casual, but when you haven’t worn Lolita in what seems like forever and your skirt is brand new brand, it’s still crazy awesome.

Have you had any new wardrobe editions recently?  What did you get?

Brand New

Yes, I can be quite punny.

I got my first brand dress for Christmas!  Baby the Star Shines Bright’s Alice and her Black Cat JSK II.  This has been one of my dream dresses for years and I was so happy to be able to receive it!  It is secondhand and in AMAZING condition, considering it was released in 2008 (over 4 years ago!)  The seller included a cute little note as well, which made me feel more special.


You will never believe the detail and amazing quality of both the design and materials of brand until you own one!  So soft and pristine!

Sometimes, I feel like there is a sense of air about handmade Lolitas that says “since my wardrobe is custom made, custom designed, it is more special” or that “I don’t need to waste money to buy brand because I can make something just as good!”  And I think that is the root of any special snowflake.  The thought that someone is made more special not because of who they are or how they use what they have, but they are special because of what they have.

I have always dreamed of owning brand, but made all of my clothing because I could not afford it.  I am blessed that I have a skill set to be able to design and sew decent pieces that I love to wear and I feel like a real Lolita when I am wearing them.  I have that same special feeling, wearing this brand dress now.  I appreciate the hands that made this dress as much as any handmade dress.  The same amount of attention went into the design, the details, the construction, the print as when I make something on my own.

So handmade Lolitas, don’t be special snowflakes because you sew!  Every Lolita is beautiful no matter where her wardrobe came from.  What makes a Lolita special is how she uses her wardrobe and how she treats others. ❤


JSK: BtSSB, Alice and her Black Cat JSK 2
Boots: Bodyline
Cardigan: Kohl’s
Tights: Forever21
Accessories: Forever21