Ruffles, Ruffles Everywhere!

I am finally finishing my high-waisted Butterfly Sonnet skirt.  Which I didn’t finish for so long because I made a major derp and cut out the skirt with the butterflies flying downwards :P.  And even after consciously telling myself over and over again, I also accidentally sewed on the ruffle with the butterflies upside down.  Therefore, I am renaming this skirt

The Derp Skirt.

Despite that, I present the promised tutorial for Applied Ruffles.  This is the kind of ruffle that is placed onto the garment, not seamed to it, so that you have both the ruffle and a header (the top of the ruffle).


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Boning Butterflies

So you have your A-Line or Cupcake skirt high-waisted skirt stitched together now?  Great!  Boning the waist portion of the skirt can give it extra stability and allow it to remaining standing straight and flat around your waist instead of shrinking down.

The type of boning I will be using is Rigilene.


If you have A-Line skirt, mark on the outside with pins where the waist ends and the skirt begins.  You will want your bones to end here.


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