The Fairy Bear Dress

I will do a proper photoshoot of this dress on the dressform to show off all the little things, but I wore it to our theatre’s Open House and I’m certainly in love with this one! The color, pattern, style and all the little trimmings come together so well for this dress. And I probably paid a total of $5 to make it. Yay for bargain finds and bartering!


Cat in the Petticoat

We had a Seussical Celebration at my day job and our bosses ask the employees to dress up! So, of course, I’m going to dress up. It was a short event so I was able to wear my heals the whole time no problem and even got to pull out my diamond cat ears!

I was Cat in the Hat inspired. Continue reading

2014: Lolita in Review

2014 was a year of few Lolita coordinates sadly. But, the dresses that I did sew, I love. And the coordinates I managed to wear made I feel like a princess again. How about we travel backwards through time…

This last dress and coordinate were top-notch for me. I adored how this dress turned out and being able to head down to the pier for some fantastic photos was so great, even if it was a bit windy. Continue reading

Paris by the Sea


I finally got an opportunity to wear my new JSK, Paris by the Sea!

The coordinate consisted of:

JSK: Sweetie Pie; Handmade
Blouse: Forever21
Boots: Vintage
Jacket: Thrifted
Jewelry: Handmade

I was excited to wear this coordinate down to Lake Michigan for a photoshoot on the north pier by the lighthouse!  It was perfect weather and got so many beautiful shots.  Plus, I now have Adobe Lightroom!  So editing them was almost as much fun as taking them (but not quite, not really close but still tons of fun!) Continue reading

The Maiden’s Requiem

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Whether you have an idea for a Lolita dress that you wish could be realized, a classical concert featuring your favorite composer or just wish you could have a skirt with the Tardis all over it, Sweetie Pie can make your couture dreams a reality.

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JSK: The Maiden’s Reqiuem
Blouse: Forever21
Wig: Gothic Lolita Wigs
Thigh-Highs: SockDreams
Shoes: Forever21
Gloves: Claire’s
Bloomers: Handmade
Petticoat: Classical Puppets

0 (5)

My husband was an amazing help taking pictures for me and I appreciate his sincerity, diligence and patience!

English Breakfast on a Sunday Morning

w00t!  I was so excited to dress up again!  Especially in a new dress.


Excuse my derpy-sleepy face!  My husband took this picture right before leaving for church Sunday morning.  Have I mentioned he is the worship leader?  So we were leaving at 6:45.  Anyways, enough excuses….

I was going for more a 1950’s style with this dress, so it has a high-boat neck sort of style in the front and in the back it dips down lower.  I also didn’t wearing my super poofy petti because I had to play piano, but I was still SUPER excited!  I wore just a simple cardigan and heels with off-brand jewelry and my figure skating tights, because it was freezing outside.

I even did a couple of tutorials while making this dress, such as… Continue reading


Nothing happening here really…


I just FINALLY made a new dress.  Married life is busy.  Especially when your husband works at a church.

Anyways, I FINALLY made this dress that I bought fabric for AGES ago and then I had to wait a couple weeks to find an opportunity to wear it!  Life is crazy.  But here is my new dress!


Oh, and that is my BEAUTIFUL new dress form, Ellie!

And we went to see the Hunger Games/Catching Fire Marathon tonight, so I went with black because I wasn’t prepared to go sweet with red or look like Young Mrs. Claus.

DSCN0301 DSCN0302

That’s all.

I have a Belle cosplay and some aprons to finish now!

Honeymoon Goodies and Ice Cream

On our honeymoon, we went to San Jose and San Francisco.  Jeremy saw right through my reasonings for this destination because he knew that Baby the Stars Shine Bright AND Angelic Pretty had shops there.  Needless to say, he knew it would be hard to convince me to go some place else.

We had decided on a budget for Lolita shopping and we went to the Angelic Pretty/Harajuku Hearts store first.  It.  Was.  Very.  Exciting.


He treated me to a pair of Enchantlic Enchantilly socks that I have been drooling over for…let’s see…FOREVER!  And a skirt.  But not just any skirt.  A New Print.  Which was quite the exciting event.  Though I held in my excited, maniacal laughter until we left the store.  It is the Musee du Chocolat skirt in Ivory.   The last one.  *angels singing*

Thus, the budget was spent.  As we began walking to the Baby store, I tried to concentrate on the spoils of war that I had just acquired when Jeremy told me “you know what, we can eat at Chipotle twice today instead of that fancy dinner if you want to get something else from Baby.”  I was like “um, yes!  Chipotle twice in one day sounds absolutely fabulous.”


Thus, I was able to get an incredible Alice skirt – Alice’s Mirage in PARADOX.  It has three things I love: Military Buttons on the front, Diamond Plaid and Alice in Wonderland-ness.  This is a really fun, unique print because it doesn’t have the typical Alice and Cats theme.  I has mirrors – yay, mirrors! – with more uncommon Alice things like the White Queen chess piece, Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum and the Jabberwocky poem.  It was exciting.  And I got some drippy chocolate socks because…Chocolate.

Anyways, so that was an incredible highlight to our two week Honeymoon vacation.  The other highlight was Chipotle.  Every.  Day.  Yes.

When we got to Sheboygan – that’s where I live now – there was so much unpacking and moving and house-shopping and stuff to do that I didn’t get a chance to wear any of my new items!  Then we decided to go get ice cream.  At the pier.  Yum!  So I got to dress up!  yay!  Unfortunately, I lost my camera just before the wedding, so we are saving up to get a new one and but Jeremy still took some foggy, low-res photos with his phone.

WP_20131003_003 WP_20131003_004 copy

Jacket: Macy’s
Tank Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: “Alice’s Mirage in PARADOX” from BtSSB
Socks: “Sweets Choco” from BtSSB
Boots: Bodyline (and boy do I need to repaint them)

Something casual, but when you haven’t worn Lolita in what seems like forever and your skirt is brand new brand, it’s still crazy awesome.

Have you had any new wardrobe editions recently?  What did you get?