There’s Pockets!

Pockets are an amazing thing to discover, hidden in the seams of a skirt or a dress, and they are an awesome touch to any skirt or dress you make yourself! I always try to put a pocket or two in the seams if there isn’t an applied pocket, if only to have a convenient place to stash my phone! So here’s a little tutorial on how to add pockets to your garments!

It is fairly simple but it may take some time as it takes a lot of careful pinning and stitching.

pocket (8)pocket (7)

1) Figure out which seam you want your pocket to be in and how big you want the pocket to be. A good guideline I use it to make sure the opening will be wide enough for my hand and big enough for my phone to sit in. I don’t usually use a pattern, I will just free-hand cut something out of scraps with pinked shears. You will need two pieces with a one inch allowance at the “opening”. Continue reading

English Breakfast on a Sunday Morning

w00t!  I was so excited to dress up again!  Especially in a new dress.


Excuse my derpy-sleepy face!  My husband took this picture right before leaving for church Sunday morning.  Have I mentioned he is the worship leader?  So we were leaving at 6:45.  Anyways, enough excuses….

I was going for more a 1950’s style with this dress, so it has a high-boat neck sort of style in the front and in the back it dips down lower.  I also didn’t wearing my super poofy petti because I had to play piano, but I was still SUPER excited!  I wore just a simple cardigan and heels with off-brand jewelry and my figure skating tights, because it was freezing outside.

I even did a couple of tutorials while making this dress, such as… Continue reading

Magic Hem

If you ever wanted a dress without that top stitching to finish off that hem, then this is the tutorial for you!


I love this hem when I am making a garment that I want to have a more elegant look or if I don’t want to wire out the hem too much with a hard stitch.  I sew and invisible hem like this with a cross-stitch by hand. Continue reading