The Fairy Bear Dress

I will do a proper photoshoot of this dress on the dressform to show off all the little things, but I wore it to our theatre’s Open House and I’m certainly in love with this one! The color, pattern, style and all the little trimmings come together so well for this dress. And I probably paid a total of $5 to make it. Yay for bargain finds and bartering!


Paris by the Sea


I finally got an opportunity to wear my new JSK, Paris by the Sea!

The coordinate consisted of:

JSK: Sweetie Pie; Handmade
Blouse: Forever21
Boots: Vintage
Jacket: Thrifted
Jewelry: Handmade

I was excited to wear this coordinate down to Lake Michigan for a photoshoot on the north pier by the lighthouse!  It was perfect weather and got so many beautiful shots.  Plus, I now have Adobe Lightroom!  So editing them was almost as much fun as taking them (but not quite, not really close but still tons of fun!) Continue reading

Late Night Tea Party

Ah, my super power is working again!  (My super power is Ultimate Self Motivation, or the Rapunzel Power.  It allows me to get obscene amount of things done in less time than most people, like all my homework, clean the apartment and make a dress in one day.  Otherwise known as Great Time Management.)

IMG_2428 IMG_2430

After I made the skirt…

IMG_2420 IMG_2421

…I still had 1 yard of fabric left over.  Though it wasn’t enough to make the ruffle monstrosity I wanted to, I think this simple bolero is actually a refreshingly simple piece.


I want to get some more navy ribbon to put around the edge of the bolero all the way around.  Can’t wait to wear it!  It’ll be great for the summertime.

I also finished my bonnet and I am soooo pleased!  The brim is a little bigger than I think I will make next time but it turned out just like I wanted!  I made the bonnet itself ENTIRELY by hand with milliners wire and double buckram and covered it all by hand.  It surprisingly didn’t take as long as I might have originally imagined.  The decorative band, bow and ties I did by machine because I was worried that I wouldn’t have time to do those by hand as well.  Looks like I would have had time but…oh well!  Loving it!

 IMG_2423 IMG_2426

Later today – once I look like a person – I’ll be taking photos and videos of our I make bows for a new tutorial.

Hope everyone is having a pleasant week and that your super powers are active as well!